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Style to Admire: Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny_5

Chloe Sevigny_4

Chloe Sevigny_3

Chloe Sevigny_2

Chloe Sevigny_1


Not many could pull off a calf length dark knitted crochet dress with ankle booties or layering a sweater on top of a button up dress that’s all the way buttoned besides here. I love the “risks” that she takes along with having such a good sense of knowing what her style is and showing that she doesn’t really care of other people’s opinions about it. Her attitude of wearing what she wants to wear–whether it’s considered androgynous, shabby, or dowdy–is great. I honestly think it’s an attitude we should all adopt…except maybe when wanting to wear just jeans, docs, and a sweater while giving a presentation, ya know?

Happy weekend everybody! 


all images via Pinterest 

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