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College Football Season is Back



I’m so excited for another year of college football and another year of watching my favorite team, the Ducks, play. I already know that even after I graduate this upcoming year, I’ll definitely be coming back to Autzen Stadium to watch some games.

Fortunately, this year my other half and I were able to snag some PAC 12 student game passes for all of the home games that host a PAC 12 team.

So get ready for some more college football-centered posts throughout this season!


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Wednesday Want: Keep Not Settling Mug

Keep Not Setting Mug by The Everygirl


I don’t know what it is about mugs, but every time I walk into a store like say World Market or Target, I tend to gravitate towards them. Doesn’t matter if it’s got a cool print, is Beatles-themed, or is embellished with a quote, I’ve gotta take a peek. (And then of course negotiate with myself that I don’t actually need another mug….)

The Keep Not Settling mug, though, by The Everygirl is everything that I love…about a mug. Inspirational while being simple yet classic. Who knew a mug could do so much?!

And of course if seeing this mantra every morning before you start your day doesn’t get you going than I don’t know what will!



(Mug is available online here)

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Cool Kids


Echosmith, the new all the rage indie pop band, consists of four siblings and was formed in the Toluca Lake area of L.A. Since their formation in 2009, they have had a song featured in an NBC promo for the 2012 Olympics and their hit single “Cool Kids” featured on the Billboard 100.

“Cool Kids”, which was on Echosmith’s debut album Talking Dreams released in 2013, has recently taken over the air waves with it’s whimsical and funky beat paired with Sydeny Sierota’s vocals. Another great song to listen to on the album is “Come With Me”.


Definitely give their stuff a listen! 



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Style To Admire: Emma Watson

style to admire emma watson_1

style to admire emma watson_2

style to admire emma watson_3

style to admire emma watson_4

style to admire emma watson_5


For those in their twenties who are wanting to look for some style inspiration, just browse images of Emma Watson’s latest outfits. From simple patterns to color blocking to modern takes on classics like the essential white shirt and the crop top, she always looks youthful yet elegant.


Who is your current style inspiration?

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IMG_0075The desserts at A Moveable Feast are killer (especially their lemon bars!)

IMG_0090Mineral sample at the Petroleum Club in downtown Houston

IMG_0112Blackberry Mojitos + Carne Asada at Guadalajara Hacienda make for a good end of the week (and lots of leftovers!!)

IMG_0094There’s nothin’ like some sunflowers for your farm table 

IMG_0096The chalk artwork at Essence House Cafe is amazing (above is their version of “Las Meninas”)

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Wednesday Want: Mini Love Crossbody

rebecca minkoff mini crossbody

I feel like this bag can be the perfect accessory piece for fall. It’s unexpected with the pseudo lilac color and the size makes it easy to wear with just about anything. It’d be a perfect contrast to camo print pants paired with a simple tee or blouse.

Happy Wednesday!

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Lovin’ Right Now: Anna Kendrick in Glamour

anna kendrick for glamour aug 2014_2

anna kendrick for glamour aug 2014_3

anna kendrick for glamour aug 2014_4

anna kendrick for glamour aug 2014


I just love the 60s style clothes that Anna Kendrick is wearing in Glamour in this August issue. And the color palette is gorgeous!

Obviously, with the announcement of there being a Pitch Perfect 2, Kendrick has been all over the place lately. She also is playing Cinderella in this December’s Into The Woods which also stars the brilliant Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt.

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Home Envy: Eclectic Spaces

home envy_eclectic spaces 4

home envy_eclectic spaces 5

home envy_eclectic spaces

home envy_eclectic spaces2

home envy_eclectic spaces3



Eclectic spaces for some reason feel cozy to me. Maybe it’s the bright and warm colors that give off the feel or the fact that it reminds me of the houses in New Mexico I’d visit when I was younger.

Find other spaces like this one on my Pinterest board!



(Original photos and sources can also be found on my Pinterest board)

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Do You


Off of their latest album They Want My Soul, which is to go on sale tomorrow, Austin originated Spoon’s video for single “Do You”  can be easily paralleled to Radiohead’s “Karma Police” video. However, with the tire swing on fire and all, this song is uniquely all Spoon and oh do I love it so.

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Favorite Summer Quinoa Recipes

cilantro lime quinoa with black beans

Cilantro Lime Quinoa with Black Beans

  red quinoa taco salad

Red Quinoa Taco Salad


quinoa enchilada casseroleQuinoa Enchilada Casserole

quinoa black bean casserole

Quinoa Black Bean Casserole

Quinoa has been getting some serious exposure lately due to the gluten free diet craze as it’s as versatile as pasta yet without the wheat. I also love how it packs quite a bit of protein so it’s also great for a veg day, which I love having every now and then to add some variation to my diet.

Here’s to some summer noms! 


(Links to the recipes are via click-through on the images)