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Project Pabst

IMG_0212Project Pabst Entrance


IMG_0213The Violent Femmes


IMG_0214Tears For Fears 


IMG_0221Speedy Ortiz


IMG_0223The Thermals


IMG_0226Cityscape by the river 


IMG_0231Modest Mouse 

Project Pabst this past weekend was so good!

Tears For Fears sounded as good as they did on their 80s albums. Plus, they also did a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” and Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start”.

The second day consisted of Speedy Ortiz, The Thermals, and Modest Mouse for me. After seeing them perform, Speedy Ortiz has definitely become one of my favorite garage bands. Modest Mouse also played an amazing 16 song set, including favorites like “Dashboard” and “Float On” and “The World At Large”.

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Bits and Pieces of Life Lately



Finally got some chelsea style Dr. Martens boots



Late night Voodoo Doughnuts run in downtown Portland



Breakfast run at B Street Coffee House in downtown Portland



Yummy Coupe D’etat at The Barn Light in dowtown Eugene



Whilamut Trail along the Willamette River 

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Mess Is Mine

Vance Joy is by far one of my favorite artists currently. His single “Riptide”, released in 2013, is sitting pretty at the top of the Alternative Music chart. And with also coming off of signing a five album deal with Atlantic Records in 2013, Joy has released his first studio album which has the single “Riptide” and current satellite radio favorite “Mess Is Mine” on it.


All in all, I’d say the Aussie Vance Joy is definitely one to check out!


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Lovin’ Right Now: Muted Colors for Fall

muted colors for fall_1

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muted colors for fall_3

muted colors for fall_4


muted colors for fall

Now that temperatures are starting to drop in parts across the country, I’d definitely say it’s time for some sweater weather!

Today I leave for New Mexico, a place I was originally packing shorts for, but then found out it’s currently in the 70s and is supposed to get down to the 50s over the new few days. Crazy! But I won’t complain because I do enjoy Fall oh so much.


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Home Envy: Risky Kitchens

risky kitchens_1

risky kitchens_2

risky kitchens_3

risky kitchens_4

risky kitchens_5



I love kitchens that break away from the norm! Quartz or butcher block countertops (instead of granite), subway tile, two toned countertops, and pendant lighting honestly make me feel a bit giddy. And I love the idea of putting artwork into your kitchen or even painting one of the walls a dark color to add some drama.


(Original photos found on Pinterest and can be seen on my Board)

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Purple Yellow Red and Blue


These next two weeks are going to be busy for me–with having my last week at my summer internship starting today, starting to pack for NM, and finally going back to OR.

With that being said, I’m going to be blasting all the chill music I can to bring me down and relax. One of my current fave songs is Portugal. The Man’s “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”, which has been on repeat for weeks now.


Happy Monday y’all! 


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Lovin’ Right Now: Brunch Options

brunch options_1

brunch options_2

brunch options_3


Now that football season is getting underway, it’ll be time again for a mixture of late nights accompanied with either early or late mornings. Many times, I love to make the other half and I a great brunch so that we can handle the busy game days ahead.

Lately, I’ve been loving leftovers in general and I’d love to incorporate recipes that could yield leftovers into our brunch tradition.

Have a great weekend! 



(Recipes and their original sources can be found on my Food Coma Pinterest board)

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Chin Up

chin up_1

chin up_2

chin up_3

chin up_4


So many of us have days, even weeks, when things are just downright discouraging. The thing is to remember, that those naysayers who make you feel inferior in any way are just another obstacle you gotta go over during life. All you need to do is focus on you and surround yourself with people that make you feel awesome for just being yourself.

And now here’s some advice for those who have just started college within these past few weeks or will soon:

DON’T FREAK OUT. Yes, the workload can be quite heavy for some classes but if you manage your time and buddy up with someone in the class you’re sure to make it out okay.

DON’T BE INTIMIDATED. There will always be people who do better than you at something in particular. What matters is knowing what you excel at.

GET EXERCISE. Now this isn’t just me talking about the “Freshman 15”. Exercise, whether it’s yoga or hiking or running, does so much good for not just your body but also your mind. Plus, it’s also such a great way to take a study break and form of taking your mind off of school for a bit.

JOIN CLUBS. Now I’m not saying you have to go out of your comfort zone and rush a sorority or fraternity if that’s something you’ve never been interested in. There’s so many more organizations on campus than just Greek Life. Ask around, especially in the department you’re majoring in, to see what academic clubs there are or see if your college has an Outdoor Program if you like taking camping trips.


(images from my Pinterest board)

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Playlist: Oregonian Travels


This upcoming month is going to be filled with quite a few trips all over Oregon, especially from Portland to Eugene and back. I’ll be overnighting with the other half in Portland two weeks from today and then the next weekend we will be joining some mutual friends for Pabst Fest back up in the Portland area.

I’m so excited for Pabst Fest as Tears For Fears, Modest Mouse, and the Violent Femmes are headlining the event. I’ve been aching to see Modest Mouse since I was in junior high so needless to say, I’m counting down the days.


What shows are y’all itching to go to this year?



P.S. Over the next two or so weeks, I’ll definitely be updating this playlist which will more than likely end up playing on repeat in the car (of course that’s if, on that day, I have control of the music).