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What to do when…. You wanna get your prep on

For many, Summer is creeping on you faster and faster. Such summer classics like the bikini, shorts, and flirty summer dresses having been given a preppy punch to them. Being from the South, I tend to adore the preppy style. However, most who know me would have never guessed this since I keep that fact generally to myself.

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag lets talk brands! Obviously you cannot talk prep without mentioning Lilly Pulitizer or Ralph Lauren, who could be crowned the king and queen of preppy style in my mind. What has given these two their staying power really is how they stick to a classic shape and then just re-invent it.

If you are wanting to achieve the preppy style, it’s definitely best to stick to the basics. As stereotypical as a polo is, it definitely works for most (unless of course you’re large in the chest area). Another basic would have to be a button down shirt, which can be dressed up or down. Chambray has become a recent prep staple and you can pair a chambray shirt with shorts, white jeans or with a flowy maxi skirt in a pastel color. Definitely can’t forget the color pink, either!

Even though I do admire a girl who can pull off the looks below, I don’t think i’d ever be able to as well as them. Hopefully y’all can in your own unique way!




Also, who wouldn’t want a guy that dresses like this?!


Sorry again for yet another short post, this term is much more hectic than last. So, considering I have another paper and some oh-so wonderful reading awaiting me, time to say adios!

Have a wonderful rest of the week y’all!! (:


Springsational Blogs

Oh there have been so so many inspirational images popping up all over the Internet lately. It’s a fact–Spring fashion, food and weather are all just too amazing. Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time in one of my favorite places, Target. Everywhere I looked there were pieces incorporating some of the biggest trends of Spring, such as nautical, brights, stripes, and nature-inspired. Loved seeing trends that I have spotted on blogs in Target, makes me a happy girl!

Considering the Oregonian weather, whenever I have any downtime away from papers and studying you can usually find me carousing my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs (while also catching up on my favorites shows via Hulu). Of course i’d love to be able to shop at the stores they mention and be able to wear their clothes, who wouldn’t? However, right now I’d much rather have my money go towards my education than pretty clothes(…since that is the logical thing to do). That is the reason why we go to college anyways, to get a degree and then a nice paying job that lets us buy such nice things(:

For all those dreamers out there like myself, I give you ten of my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs that you should totally check out. You can thank me later for this ūüėČ

A Lacey Perspective


This Time Tomorrow


Eat Sleep Wear


Cupcakes and Cashmere 


Simply Southern


One Fine Day


Cheetah is the New Black


Classy Girls Wear Pearls


Karla’s Closet¬†


My Style Pill


Each and every one of these blogs is so lovely. I also especially admire the women behind them for their individual takes on trends and how they incorporate them into their style. Now, even though I only listed the ten above does not mean that there aren’t many more out there that are just as lovely. Do you have any specific blogs that you visit on a daily basis? (:

Have a wonderful weekend y’all!

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What to do when… You need a ‘Pintervention’

For those of y’all who follow me on Pinterest, you know that I am slightly addicted to it. Okay, I lied. I’m not just slightly addicted to Pinterest, I am addicted to it. I love it because it’s one website where I can see images of fashion to humor to baking to inspirational quotes. There is just an immense amount of things that you can see. As we all know, people love having things right at their fingertips and Pinterest can do that.¬†So move over Facebook, there’s a new internet addiction in town. Seriously, even as I type this I have Pinterest up in another tab on my laptop.

Like all technologies that can become addicting, it is best to take some time to step away and unplug. Also, considering that you can find so many DIY and cooking ideas, save a bunch of neat things off of Pinterest and do them. I have tried out so many different recipes due to this site and it has made me a better cook because of doing so. I’ve even done a bit of a DIY project with one of my old t-shirts. I kept on seeing pins that dealt with making old t-shirts into crop tops and stuff. So I took my old House of Blues Blues Brothers shirt and made it into a fringe tank.

The best thing about Pinterest is the bit of creativity boost and inspiration it can give you. So it’s best to take that creative mindset and channel it towards all things in your life. Truthfully, nobody really needs websites like Pinterest to be creative; however, they do nudge you in that direction so there’s no harm in them.

Just as long as you don’t put off essays that are due the next day or a work project you should be fine. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself with some sweet image overload. Also, by saying this I’m trying to make myself feel better since my paper that is due is by Friday at midnight–so I’m good, right?(;

Here’s the shirt I did, also! (:¬†


Sorry the post is more words than images! If you want the images then check out my actual Pinterest page. Have a great rest of the week y’all! (: (:¬†


Pinterest page link:

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New Girl

I’m sure all of y’all have at least heard about the show New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. Along with Parks and Recreation and Once Upon a Time, this is by far one of my favorite shows currently on t.v. The humor behind the show is fantastic and there have been several moments (and I mean SEVERAL) to where I’m laughing so hard I look like a seal clapping.

As much as I love Zooey’s character Jess, the three main guys in the show are so funny in their own way. There’s Nick, the lovable one who has a guy-next-door thing going on and tends to have some money issues. Schmidt is the OCD, overtly sexual and douche-y one of the bunch, and Wilson I consider to be the voice of reason among the group as he seems to be the most sensible.

To get to the point, today is quite an awesome day. Earlier Zooey D. tweeted that New Girl got picked up by its network for a second season. OH YESSSSSS!!!! WOOP, WOOP! ūüôā Sorry for all the crazy all caps but this show is just too good to not get picked up, therefore i’m pretty damn excited.

For those who have never actually watched the show, I am going to present to you some of the best moments of the show. And, no I’m definitely not going to re-watch all these moments, too…. Yeah, I lied. I am totally going to watch my favorite New Girl scenes while doing a little celebratory dance. (:

Prepare to laugh until you seal clap! (: 

Psst…Oh hey, so I wanted y’all to see the clips in better quality than what most of You Tube was offering. So sorry bout all the links needed to click on to see them!

New Girl: Advice (clip)

New Girl: Take a Breath (clip)

New Girl: Cactus (clip)

New Girl: Suppress the Jess (clip)

Now, I know I said the videos weren’t going to be off of YouTube, but I just LOVE this one particular scene! It isn’t really a funny scene but it definitely makes you feel good.(:

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Girls with glasses

I’ve had eye problems since middle school now. Back then and during my first few years of high school, I wore glasses. However, I never really wore them as much as I was supposed to so I switched to contacts. Recently I’ve decided to get glasses another go and just picked them up a few hours ago. Let’s just say I am absolutely loving my new glasses!

It may sound weird to some when women refer to a particular piece of clothing or a certain accessory depicting their personality to a T. However, these glasses really do reflect me (get it? heh heh)! They’re a bit quirky, a bit book-ish and of course have a slight retro feel to them. So yeah, they are pretty damn awesome. (:

Below are some lovely ladies and their adorably framed faces. How cute are they?!

Zooey Deschanel

Sophia Loren 

Chloe Sevigny

Anne Hathaway 

Definitely should be noted that glasses aren’t just for ‘nerds’ now! Also, if you wanna take a gander at my specs just go to my Instagram account shortnsweetnlovely. I’d love to post some shots of them up here but that takes time and i’ve got two papers due next week (*cringe*).

Have a wonderful weekend y’all! (:¬†

(image 1: New Girl Tumblr; image 2:; image 3:; image 4:

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What to do when… Wanting to change things up a bit

It’s been a while since i’ve done a What to do Wednesday… ¬†post. Honestly, I have just been so busy doing some spring cleaning around the apartment (still not fully done!) and getting set up for my Spring Term classes. So far, I am loving my classes and am especially enjoying the yoga class I’m taking at the Student Rec Center.

Spring is an amazing time of year. Birds start to come out all a-tweeting, flowers are beginning to bloom, and here in Oregon it isn’t raining every single day (now just every other day). Also, Spring has come to represent a time of change for many people. I have come to embrace change recently. Even in the simplest ways I have changed things up, with buying some new, bright-colored jeans and some new mint nail polish. I have also cut my hair to an even shorter pixie.

It’s traditionally hard for people to embrace change, which is understandable. For instance, having a dad who went to college for a Ranch Management program and who later owned a ranch, I have constantly eaten red meat. Now, my previous statement might lead y’all to think I have turned to a more vegetarian route (umm…no, never) which is not the case. However, I have come to being okay with not eating red meat every day. I also have been eating more and more vegetables and fruit. Already I am starting to feel better and not as ‘heavy’ and have much more energy (though the rain does seem to drain that quite quickly..).

Now, I’m not saying that y’all should go and change some major aspect of your life after reading this. My advice really is just to be open to change and embrace it if it feels right. In my personal opinion, you really aren’t living life if you close yourself off from new opportunities that, in the end, can help you learn something new about yourself. However, I am going to also give a slight warning that what I am saying is to embrace the YOLO (you only live once) attitude that has seem to gone viral. That type of attitude actually hurts you instead of helping you, leaving you with bad consequences and regrets later on down the road.

I hope that y’all embrace the vibe that¬†Primavera¬†gives off and that you have a wonderful Wednesday!¬†

And now for some inspirational (and never, ever cheesy) images!!! (: 

(first image: and the rest are from my Pinterest page: )

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To go to Paris..

This past weekend I had the pleasure of ¬†finally getting to watch Woody Allen’s latest film,¬†Midnight In Paris.¬†Honestly, it is one of the best films I have seen in quite a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters as much as the Parisian scenery. I definitely recommend that y’all take two hours of your upcoming week and watch it–so worth the time!

As amazing as I think the film is, this post is not about it. No. While watching the film I got around to thinking ’bout how much the city of Paris has inspired the world throughout history. There is just something about Parisian fashion, art, and overall culture that (in my opinion) that gives off an air of sophistication and elegance.¬†If there is one place that I would love to go for a few weeks and just explore, it would be Paris (and maybe the surrounding French countryside and nearby Riviera–too much to ask for?).

Wouldn’t it be amazing to not have to worry about money and go on a shopping spree at Chanel? *sigh*¬†

I’d so wear this quirky outfit in Paris–either while shopping or having something yummy to eat!¬†

To be able to learn how to cook at Cordon Bleu like Sabrina would be such a dream come true….

It’s so funny how much I love Paris and all it stands for even though I have never been. Deep down, I think my love for Paris can be narrowed down to just how big of a romantic I am (though only those really close to me will ever see that particular side of me).

I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!! (: ¬†

(By the way, the outfit in the second picture can be found on for all those who love it as much as I do!)