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A Day at Yachats





This past Saturday I went out to Yachats to do some geological field work. Unfortunately, for most of the day lots of the places that I wanted to survey were underwater due to the large swell.

Luckily around noon, though, the swell started to decrease and I was able to get in a few good hours of work along with some awesome wind burn ha.


Hope y’all had a great weekend as well! 



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Style to Admire: Hayley Phelan

hayley phelan_1

I recently picked up the latest Lucky for a good deal of reasons including 1: Lily Collins 2: Purses 3: Haim’s list of their places to visit in L.A. However, one of my favorite outfits in the latest issue would have to be that of Lucky Mag’s own Fashion Features Editor Hayley Phelan.

I love her 90s-esque style and the comfortable yet chic way she pairs things together.


Have a great weekend! 



P.S. The article can be read online here.


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Happy Easter!



Time to do a little flashback to the good ol ’90s around Easter time! And yes, I did wear a watermelon dress to Easter mass.

Also, can we talk about how my mom totally pulled off the Diana look? Obviously I got my love of fashion from her.

Have a good day! 



P.S. Don’t you love my multicolored nails? haha

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Wednesday Want: Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

citrus zinger water bottle


A water bottle that has a press at the bottom so you can add any sort of citrus to your water is like a gift from the gods. Not only would I buy a ton of clementines after buying this, but you could also add some citrus to coconut water if you had some in the bottle. The money I’d save alone just by buying regular coconut water instead of flavored would make this a great buy.


($18 at Neiman Marcus)

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Springtime at Mt. Pisgah










I’ve been wanting to hike Mt. Pisgah for weeks and finally got the chance to go with the other half this past weekend. Luckily for us, the weather has been so gorgeous this past week which made the hike incredibly enjoyable. The great thing I noticed about the trails at Mt. Pisgah is not only are there a good number of them, but lots of the trails meet up with one another so you can wander and not stay on just one trail. We will definitely start to be making more trips out to Mt. Pisgah, it’s just too wonderful not to visit.


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Lovin’ Right Now: Orange Lips

orange lips_1

orange lips_2

orange lips_3

orange lips_4

orange lips_5



Orange lips have definitely become the new makeup trend for this upcoming Spring and Summer. I personally love that those with all different types of skin tones can wear this color. Plus, it definitely is a break from the constant hot pink that so many were sporting last year with it tending to be more of a natural look.

What’s a current makeup trend you’re wanting to try? 


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