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Can’t Deny My Love

Brandon Flowers is back at it again.

“Can’t Deny My Love”, a single off of his second solo album, and it’s 80s dance-like vibe is definitely one to get people moving. I love how the 80s background makes the lyrics very much become a mantra for listeners.

Already I can see this as a song that’ll be played for those who are working up the courage to do anything, whether it’s love-related or not.

Life, Music, Music Mondays, Trending

Wilder Mind

With Modest Mouse releasing a new album this month and Florence + The Machine releasing one in May, I was already feeling like I was on cloud nine. However, with the recent announcement of Mumford & Sons’s latest album to be released in May, I’m feeling like I could walk on water due to music happiness. Plus, there’s the bonus fact that for their latest album they’ll be replacing their banjos for electric guitars–should be interesting!


P.S. For more on their upcoming album, Wilder Mind, check out this article.