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As a child, I watched the animated version of Beauty & the Beast countless times. So, when I heard a few years ago they were going to do a live action version of it, with Emma Watson playing Belle, I was of course quite excited .

Today, Walt Disney Studios released a teaser trailer for the movie and my first thoughts were: 1. loving the music 2. yesss creepy castle 3. Ian McKlellen says “you fool” in this? awesome 4. oh hey Belle.

Let’s just say I can’t wait for more trailers to come out for this movie and to finally see it in March of next year!


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Red Queen’s Attic Antiques


In the South, antiquing is an extremely well versed activity for many people. Some plan out their ventures days/weeks/months in advance, some go antiquing every weekend, and others, like myself, go once every blue moon.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the little treasures that can be found while browsing through an antique store. It’s just that antiquing can really be such a process, so I find if i’m in the mood for something vintage I go straight to a specialty shop instead.

Red Queen’s Attic Antiques, though, is the perfect spot for someone like me. They had rooms dedicated to separate themes of a sort, which made the store so easy to navigate.

If you’re ever able to travel to the Rosenberg area–be sure to check this place out!


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I Am A Nightmare


Finally–some brand new Brand New!

Yeah, sorry that was lame but I just had to say it. As I was saying, Brand New is finally releasing their fifth studio album this year and fans (myself included) are excited, because I mean, it’s not like Brand New hasn’t released anything new since Daisy (aka 2009) or anything. *heavy sarcasm*

Needless to say, it’s easy to jump on the hype train for their new album, especially with today’s release of their latest song, “I Am A Nightmare.”




P.S. I’m really digging Jesse Lacey’s vocals in the beginning of this song and how they’ve changed since their last album.

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My Favorite Places in Oregon to Hike

Painted Hills Unit- John Day Fossil Beds National Monument 


Smith Rock State Park, Madras, OR  


Tumalo Falls State Park , Bend, OR 


Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, OR


Spencer’s Butte, Eugene, OR


Southern Oregon Coast (Cape Blanco pictured)


If there’s one thing I truly miss about Oregon now that I’ve moved back to Texas, it’s all the hiking I used to do.

Honestly, I could easily go on a hike any day of the week where I lived in my college town of Eugene. The other great thing was that hiking spots outside of Eugene weren’t ever too far of a drive as well, all within a few hours driving distance.

Readers, I insist that y’all hike at least one of these spots if you’re ever in Oregon–please!



*Other spots I love that aren’t listed: Silver Falls State Park, Hobbit Trail (Florence, OR), Deschutes Basin, Skinner’s Butte, Yachats, etc. 

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Wednesday Want: KMB Rovira Wedges

WW-KMB Rovira Wedges

There’s nothing quite like a nice wedge sandal. It’s a shoe that you can not only wear to work, but also on the weekend and to all those graduations/weddings everyone seems to be having.I also love how wedges tend to be the most comfortable show you can wear, while still managing to add some height.

This wedge sandal, in particular, is wonderful as the shape and material of it is quite modern, which is refreshing, as is the shorter heel. When you have knee issues, a high wedge is just a nightmare waiting to happen. (Kudos, though, to those who can wear them!)



(KMB Rovira Wedges: $148 at Anthropologie) 

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Lovin’ Right Now: Outdoor Voices


Outdoor Voices, an athletic clothing line founded by 27 year old Tyler Haney, is proving to be quite the contender in the athletic apparel market. It is currently backed by  9.5 million dollars, has a store in downtown Austin, and will be opening up another store in New York City come summertime.

Not bad for a young woman who just purely wanted to focus on the materials and the physical activities themselves instead of branding, yeah?

To learn more about the story behind OV, check out this CNBC article here.





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Life Lately via IG


  1. I finally tried out Hugs & Donuts a few weeks ago (pre food sickness) and luckily came at Happy Hour, which meant buy one get one free there. I ended up getting the bacon maple donut (pictured) and the blueberry cake donut (best I’ve ever had honestly). If you’re ever in the Heights area, make sure to stop here for a sweet treat!
  2. Amidst all the construction and concrete, I was able to find a patch of Bluebonnets just down the road from where I live.
  3. I’m currently reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and am loving it! It’s about two sisters living in Nazi occupied France and their separate journeys throughout the war. Up next is The Goldfinch, a book I’ve heard so many amazing things about and the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner for Fiction.
  4. A mural (opposite the Yellow Submarine one posted here) in recognition of the Rosenberg Railroad Museum.


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