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Like these images, what has been exciting me has been tending to fall from one extreme to another. I feel it’s good to have a varied set of things that peak interest, so you’re not just stuck and can be balanced out. At least, that’s what I believe… Then again, i’m the weirdo at Target who’s in the movie section looking to get both Pulp Fiction and Tangled. 😉

(all images via Tumblr)

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In celebration of my other half and I getting tickets to see Pearl Jam in Portland on the day after Thanksgiving (tickets went on sale on Saturday!), I give y’all my favorite song by them– “Daughter”. Growing up, I never really idolized Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera like a good majority of girls who were my age. Instead, I turned to local rock stations and found that the sound of the bands that they played suited my personality more so. Though I’d definitely say I listened to Nirvana more than Pearl Jam growing up, I definitely appreciated both bands. Especially since both bands were on heavy rotation, and still are, for the radio station that shaped me while growing up.

Also, if y’all want to see Pearl Jam make sure to check out their tour website ASAP as some cities are already sold out!


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Happiest Place on Earth








Having grown up as a Disney kid and yet never having gone to Disneyland, I always thought I was deprived of a fundamental childhood experience. I mean.. C’mon, it’s Disneyland! Fortunately for me, plenty of people my age still go to Disneyland all the time. So asking my other half (pictured for the first time! …what a dork ;)) if we could go to Disneyland while I was visiting, I did not feel one bit embarrassed at all. I’m so happy that we went because it was only one of the best days of my life. Also, luckily for us, we went the day after the 4th of July and they still were shooting off the July 4th fireworks plus there were hardly any long lines for us (thank the lord for fast passes!).

What’s your favorite Disneyland/Disney World memory?


(Minnie Ears: gift; Mint Crop Top: Topshop; Shorts: Topshop; Purse: Urban Outfitters; Tennis shoes: Reebok)

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4th of July (San Diego County Fair Style)







Every year the San Diego County Fair, held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and Del Mar Racetrack, has a different theme. This year’s theme was “Game On!”, which was centered around arcade games to even board games. However, I’m not gonna lie, my favorite part was the food. From having the best pretzel i’ve ever had in my life to nomming on a fried Klondike bar, I was in food heaven. Another great thing about the Fair was right after my other half and I got on the ferris wheel, the fireworks finale started. Lucky us, huh? 😉

(Crop top: American Apparel; Shorts: American Eagle: Belt: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: TOMS; Lip Earrings: NastyGal)

Photos by Andrew Murray

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Best of Comic Con

chris pratt comic con 2013

Chris Pratt

ginnifer goodwin and josh dallas comic con 2013

Ginnifer Goodwin + Josh Dallas

jennifer lawrence comic con 2013

Jennifer Lawrence

josh dallas and colin from ouat at comic con 2013

Josh Dallas + Colin O’Donoghue

karen gillian comic con 2013

Karen Gillian

kristen bell comic con 2013

Kristen Bell

nina dobrev comic con 2013

Nina Dobrev

Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Celebration - Arrivals

Kit Harington

tatiana maslany comic con 2013

Tatiana Maslany

San Diego Comic Con is most definitely known for the cosplays that people put on. However, I have always kept up with panels that each show and movie do when they’re there. One day I’d finally love to go to Comic Con as they have a variety of shows, from Once Upon A Time to Game of Thrones to Orphan Black that have panels and signings. I also think that it’d really just be such an interesting thing to experience, that should be done at least once in a lifetime.

Have a great Monday!


(all photos were found on Tumblr)

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Rock and Roll Fantasy

The first time I heard this song was after my dad saying how he thought it reminded him of me. The main focus of the song is someone who listens to rock music as a way to escape where they are currently. As I was growing up, I would listen to my dad’s 8 tracks and cassettes wishing and hoping one day I could get out of Texas for a little while. For me, this song related to all of what I felt as I rummaged through my dad’s music to escape Houston suburbia. I feel, though, that others also can relate to the song as I did no matter their situation. The depth of this song and the story it tells just shows a bit of the range that The Kinks have in their discography. Unfortunately, I still feel that they are one of the most underrated bands.


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Day and Night

venice beach pier


As you can see, I was sporting some awesome tan lines. Fortunately for me, the tan lines went away the weekend following our Los Angeles trip.







venice canal night

The Venice Beach area definitely had its share of eclectic people and places. Amongst all of that, though, are the canals (seventh and last pictures). The peace and quiet that surrounds you while walking along the canals is so soothing to where you just want to soak it all in for however long you can. My other half swears that the area is probably one of the quietest spots in L.A.

Hope y’all have a great weekend, no matter how you spend it!


(Romper: Urban Outfitters; Sunglasses: Ray Ban)

Photos by Andrew Murray