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Last Friday of Lent

I’m so excited to cook salmon for the first time tonight! And no, I have not done it yet; however, I have a good excuse and that’s the fact that my Ducks are playing Louisville tonight. Therefore, my fresh Gulf of Alaska (yay for living in the NW) Sockeye Salmon must wait until after the game.

To be honest, as much as I’ve enjoyed having these past Fridays to indulge in my love for seafood, I have been red meat every now and then. It’s tough going to a baseball game watching your significant other chow down on a juicy burger while you can’t even have a bite. So this Friday will be a day of celebration in more than one way –Good Friday, last day not having to eat red meat, and getting the chance to cook Salmon.

I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend!


Also, for those who want to know, here is the Salmon recipe I will be using tonight.

Life, Trending

I’ve Been Behind…

downton sisters

For over a good year or so, many people I know have been talking about the PBS Masterpiece television show Downton Abbey. In all honesty, I have never really gotten into any of the shows PBS has produced. Generally, I prefer more quirky shows like Community or New Girl.

This Spring Break though, with having a week off from work and only going on a few hiking day trips, I decided to give Downton Abbey (and PBS) some of my time. All I can say is oh my goodness, this show is addicting! I just love the relationships that are showcased in the show and the interaction between those in the show that are British and those that are American. Oh, and of course, I absolutely adore Sybil–who doesn’t?!

Do any of y’all watch the show??


(image has click-through link)


Spring is Here!

Today is officially the first day of Spring. I’m so excited that not even the spurts of rain occurring today will stop me from my hike! I hope whatever y’all choose to do today, you make the best out of it–for the sake of Spring!


Above is a shot from one of my recent hiking trips. It’s a gorgeous view from the Spencer’s Butte Summit.

Have a great rest of the week y’all!