Let’s play catch up

So, my momma’s visit to Central Oregon was definitely an enjoyable one. I got to see so much more of the Eug that I haven’t before she came. We went to several new restaurants and shops–all of which I loved. Also, I got her to ride the local bus! 

Now I know a few posts ago I mentioned VRBO and how through its website my momma found the house we stayed at. I also talked about how I would post pictures of the house for all of y’all to see. Currently I am working on a paper for a scholarship, so it’s best to show y’all through pictures what happened during her visit than having me describe it to y’all. 

First, we went to Marie Callender’s…

Then the next day we had some good Italian at Mazzi’s, while also being entertained by the Red Hat Ladies….

Of course, we also got in some time to look at some cool antique stores…. 

And then after antique-ing, we went to the kitschy, old-fasioned drugstore near my apartment… 

Now, it wouldn’t be a trip to the West Coast without getting some fish….

Oh, and this is the house we stayed in…. (: 

So, there you have it–my momma’s trip all put down to some pictures. Of course this does not do the trip a total justice by not showing the laughter and just plain silliness. However, it definitely highlights some of my favorite parts of the trip. Now, excuse me while I drink hot cocoa out of my new Breakfast at Tiffany’s mug while working on said scholarship. Also, if you have Instagram–add me! (If you have an iPhone and don’t have Instagram, get it!) Look me up under: shortnsweetnlovely (: 

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Keep It Classy

To say that a-lot has been going on since I last posted a week ago would be such an understatement. However, now that all of that has come to pass and i’m getting ready for my momma’s arrival here in Oregon, I can finally relax. Oh, and have the ability to say what has been on my mind, which quite frankly has to do with one thing…. Class.

The picture above, to me, depicts what I think every time I see a guy on campus who I believe should rather be on the Jersery Shore (or somewhere like that) than here at the UO. This picture has been circulating Pinterest for a while along with some others that notably speak of class being over swag. I whole-heartedly agree that men should instead be classy than have this supposed “swag”.

For instance, the attitude that guys associate with “swag” and the clothing choices just disgust me and quite frankly, make me want to punch them in the throat. Too violent for ya? First off, put a belt on. Y’all should be mature enough to know that saggy pants are just plain unattractive and the only time someone wants to see what you have on underneath is if they’re getting in bed with you (if you’re lucky enough for that). Period. Also, why has it become so common, and in a way accepted, to openly talk about “big a** titties”? I’m sorry, but y’all are in the library where people are actually trying to study here, and also, I was not the only female nearby to here the way y’all were disgustingly talking about women (which was just plain offensive, by the way).

I grew up off of movies where men and women had class. Watch Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, and you see that Peck’s character does not write the expose-ish article on Hepburn’s character but instead gives her the pictures of her adventure with him. A big reason as to why he chose the higher route comes down to class and having it. Look at the wardrobe worn by the female actresses, designed by the magnificent Edith Head. Never do you see breasts hanging out or an extreme amount of skin showing. The times I go out with my friends, I feel like the other girls I see out wear dresses so short or so tight that it’s useless to even have something covering them up. That or you see the girl who thinks it’s okay to just wear her bra and skirt out. However, something is better than nothing, right?

“What’s sexy about saying ‘I’m here with my boobs out and a short skirt, have a look at everything I got?’ My idea of sexy is less is more.” -Emma Watson

Pretty much, I have come to think that my generation has lost touch with the concept of class. You may or may not agree with me on this, that is your choice. Of course I can blame this all on MTV and its shows like Jersey Shore and all the movies that have come out lately but i’m not going to. What it really comes down to is personal choices. The choice to watch shows like Jersey Shore. The choice to go out and represent yourself in a particular way by either having your breasts out, pants sagging or by just plain making a fool out of yourself. I could rant all I want about this but the only way it’ll change is for better choices to start being made. It’s that plain and simple. Yet, for those who are classy and seem to stay that way–thank you!

So for those out there, remember in the long run class will bring you to better places than “swag” will. Also, those with class have a-lot more respect than those without.

All in all, keep it classy y’all (: 

(All pictures from my Pinterest board: and my Instagram account)


A little bit of Texas is coming soon!

As gas prices keep on rising, the price for me to travel back home to Houston gets more and more expensive. So for Spring Break instead of me flying down to Texas my momma is flying up to Oregon. My momma has already been on the internet checking out things to do in Central Oregon. Seems like the only night I have between the end of my finals next week and her arrival will be reserved for sleep to get ready.

A pretty big detail about her trip up here has to deal with where we are staying, a cute home up on a hill behind where my apartment and college are. I will definitely take some pictures of the house for y’all because from what i’ve seen on the internet it is precious (and renovated!). Also, to those who love the idea of renting a house or a condo versus staying in a hotel, check out (Vacation Rental By Owner). For years now my momma has been using this site and every place we have stayed at through it has been amazing.

Now, quite honestly, I am ecstatic to see my momma. Admittedly, I have been getting a little homesick throughout this term and knowing I won’t be able to go back to Texas until June kinda bums me out. It’s going to be so nice to show her my walking paths, the parks near the rivers, some restaurants I have come upon and to explore some nearby wineries with her. Yes, throughout this I will try and take as many pictures as I can with this new little Instagram iPhone App I just downloaded (if you have an iPhone, download it!)

This next week leading up to my momma’s arrival is definitely going to be a stressful one; however, it won’t be too stressful considering i’ll be following the tips listed in my previous post. Below I leave you with a little bit of Texas aka images of some of my favorite places back home.

Saltgrass Steakhouse (Wagon Boss Top Sirloin with a sweet potato, please?)

Texas State Capitol Building in Austin (where you can find a picture of my great-grandfather inside!)

The Galleria in Houston (where you go if you’re prepared to part with a-lot of your money)

Dozier’s Meat Market and Grocery in Fulshear, TX (our families have known one another for decades now)

The eclectic Montrose neighborhood in Houston (great place to find vintage and artsy pieces)

Texas Hill Country (during Spring, when the Indian Paintbrushes and Blue Bonnets bloom)

Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, TX (where I wanted to work as a little girl, thinking i’d get free ice cream)

Have a great weekend y’all!! (: 


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What to do… When you’re stressing out

We’ve all been there. Working hard the last few days before having some time off and reaching levels of stress that are just so unnecessary. However, when in a stressful situation or by putting stress on yourself due to procrastination (heh heh) there are ways to cope and relax.

While studying for the finals I have next week, I have definitely already have had a few bouts of stress come my way. So I did a Google search, like I always do when dealing with something, on stress. Below are some things to do when stressing out that I found helpful and easy!



Get outside! 

Remember to get your zzz’s!

Take time out to be with friends and family!

Hope these few key tips help y’all. I do believe though the most important thing to do when stressing out is to remove yourself from the situation or environment and do what makes you happy. Oh and do always try to surround yourself with positive things! 

Sorry I couldn’t get into this more but as previously stated, finals are next week. Time to get busy! While of course remembering to take breaks in between studying for myself.

Oh and psst… See that person there on the right in the last photo wearing a Beatles shirt? Yeah, that’s me back in my senior year of high school and one of my best friends. I look so young!

have a great week y’all!! (: 

(photos:; 2-google search; 3-myself;; 5; N. Troxell)


Here Comes the Sun

“Here Comes the Sun” is by far one of my favorite songs. Most definitely is on my Top Five list, for sure. I love it and its ability to always brighten my mood like nothing else. When I listen to it I look at the world through rose colored glasses (and i’m sure most of y’all do too…I hope). What I also enjoy so much about this song in comparison to others by the Beatles is the general theme of happiness in it, as other songs recorded by them during this time had a heavier feel.

I hope listening to this song made you feel as light and as amazing as I feel now. Also, I hope that the beginning of y’alls week is going lovely (:

Oh and… Thank you, George Harrison for writing this beautiful song. ❤

image from

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Spring is starting to show her face!

Exciting news y’all, yesterday it got up to 65 degrees here in Central Oregon! The sun was out and so were practically all who live on campus. Sadly, it is supposed to be raining this weekend for a good portion; though this does not dismay me, since I have to be inside anyways writing a paper and working on a environmental project.

Inspired by yesterday’s and today’s amazing weather, I have been doing some online searching for some clothes and apartment accessories to revitalize my wardrobe and living space. From all the blogs and fashion magazines I read I can say there are some major trends out there that i’d love to embrace. Below are the ones that really caught my attention. (:


American Apparel Bubble Gum Jeans

Flower Print


H&M dress

Anthropologie Just Picked Recipe Cards

Bright Color

Espejoa Mini Dress from Anthropologie

Silk Sunny Yellow Blooms Throw Pillow from Etsy


Lipsy Dress with Cut Out Back from Asos

Paris is Always A Good Idea Hemp pillow from Etsy


Mint Open Back Sweater and Jeans from Zara


The Most-loved Yoga Pant from Victorias Secret

Heather Black Nike Oregon Block Slim FIT Tee from UO Duck Store

Have a wonderful weekend!!! 

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Happy International Women’s Day!

I feel as though this ‘holiday’ couldn’t have come at a better time, as the debate about women’s health rights and contraception have taken over the national news circuit lately. Which, in my mind, seems ridiculous as I learned about the fight for contraception in my AP History class a few years ago. Seriously, if you are debating something that was debated about and solved a few decades ago doesn’t it seem best to not?

Also, recently there have been some extremely rude remarks made towards women that just shouldn’t happen in our modern society (Karl Lagerfeld and Rush Limbaugh anyone?). As mentioned by a Hello Giggles writer, all this senseless talk and name calling really needs to stop. K? JUST STOP (…because all caps definitely means it will happen, right?). This public disrespect for women doesn’t do any good for y’all. Plus, nobody messes with my girl Adele!

Fortunately, there is one man who stands out amongst the rest. Last night Jon Stewart had the President of the Planned Parenthood Fund, Cecile Richards, on the his mock political show on Comedy Central called the Daily Show. First off, kudos to Jon Stewart for actually bringing in a woman who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the contraception debate. Second, Cecile Richards–you are amazing. Also it’s so refreshing to have someone like Jon Stewart, who I know for a fact has a large audience, to be as logical and reasonable and open-minded as he is.

Also, in respect to this day, i’d like to recognize the women’s movements that occurred in our nation for the past century or so and those occurring now all around the world. Had it not been for those we would not have a female Secretary of State, female CEOs of large corporations and female Prime Ministers/Chancellors/Presidents.

So for all that has been accomplished, not going to lie, this ‘holiday’ is still really something to celebrate even with all the senselessness that still occurs. *cue the cheesy inspirational music*

~all photos from a  Google search~

Oh, and just for kicks…

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What to do… When you wanna get in shape

Girlies, bikini season will shortly be upon us. Even as I type this I have friends off from their colleges for Spring Break. Don’t panic, the real time to show off our beach bods in our polka dot bikinis is still quite a few weeks away… So chin up!

I’ve always been one to promote a healthy lifestyle–I don’t smoke, drink or do anything really that can harm my body. So it really makes me sad when I see some girls go to such extreme measures such as dieting, fasting, and so forth in order to lose weight. There are so many more options out there to get in shape or lose a little that don’t harm you.

One of the key things to remember if you are trying to get into better shape is that your diet (what you eat) is the main component of getting fit. The phrase “you are what you eat” comes to mind, actually. You can’t to eat junk food a good number of times a week or other fatty foods and expect a better body, even if you do exercise. So it’s best to eat a mixture of foods that are high in vitamins, fiber, and protein.  Also, many times people make the mistake to eat so well and then when something goes wrong they head straight towards the junk food (aka emotional eating). Please don’t do this! It is okay to have a sugary snack every now and then but when you succumb to emotional eating you binge, which is not okay.

Another thing to take in mind is your exercise regiment. Obviously not every program is designed for all and it is best to find the one that suits your body and what it can handle. I, personally, can handle the P90X program though I know many cannot. For some going to their college’s Recreation Center (or nearby gym) work, where they can go on the elliptical machine or the treadmill. Some may prefer to do Yoga or Pilates. Just find what works for you and stick with it. It may be a good idea to do one class of every thing you wish to try and evaluate it down to one by which one you felt did the best for your body and that you also enjoyed the most.

Last, but not least, if you are trying to get in better shape you need to be doing so for yourself and not anybody else. Sounds really corny, I know. However, the results and the feeling of accomplishing this type of goal is so much more amazing if you do it for you and only you.

Below are some images that I hope help and encourage you. Also, please take in mind that I am just like you and the advice I give is not professional. Good luck!!! 🙂








(all images from tumblr)


The Bucket List

So this past weekend a few girlfriends and I had a little night in to watch a movie and see Lindsay Lohan screw up  host SNL. After looking through our choices for a good ten to fifteen minutes, we finally decided on The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson (two of my favorite actors, by the way). What struck me the most about the movie had to be the idea of not knowing when one will pass away because let’s face it, it could happen any day.

Now I am not trying to be all dark and stuff, trust me. My point is that the movie makes you look at life and how we all need to go after the things we yearn to do (within reason, of course). The phrase “live life without regrets” comes to mind. Many times when people start to think of their impending death they gravitate towards thinking of what they could have done or had wanted to do…yet didn’t do.

As cliche as it sounds, life is most definitely a gift. It is best to treat it as such and do at least one thing new every day that we live. Also, people could live more so without regrets if we all had more of an open mind and a willingness to do something out of our comfort zone.

So, here are a few things I’d love to accomplish before I leave this planet:

Go to Italy for the fashion and food. 

Be in the front row at an SNL show. 

Marry my best friend.

What are some things you would have on your “Bucket List”?


Leslie Knope for President


Parks and Recreation has got to be one of the best shows on television right now. It has an amazing cast fronted by the hilarious Amy Poehler, whose Hilary Clinton impersonations made my stomach hurt from laughing so much. Not only does the cast do a great job as far as being entertaining, but many of the characters in the show easily come to resemble people that we know in our daily lives.

Leslie Knope (the main character played by Amy Poehler) is by far my favorite character. She is driven, has good intentions for all she does, is a romantic, and most importantly, is a dreamer. However, I feel like Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman) is the backbone to the show as he has a paternal role to all of the characters at one point or another. Also, Ron reminds me of my dad; both are lovers of red meat and are a man’s man.

This show will always put a smile on my face and I think that is what a good show is supposed to do, making you feel better about everything even when things just suck. So, I leave you with links to some of my favorite moments from the show as I slip into a flu-induced nap (yes, I have the flu and it does indeed suck).