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Bits and Pieces of March


First Friday night Ducks home game


Last (windy) photo of the under cut


One of many of my friend’s flower boxes in Tigard


Found the best Father’s Day gift at Missing Link on Mississippi Avenue


Shops on Mississippi Avenue in Portland 

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Style to Admire: Caroline Sieber

Style to Admire_ Caroline Sieber 1

Style to Admire_Caroline Sieber 2

Style to Admire_Caroline Sieber 3

Style to Admire_Caroline Sieber 4

Style to Admire_Caroline Sieber 5



London-based stylist Caroline Sieber, whose clientele includes Emma Watson, always seems to nail the classic meets modern look. Whether she is wearing a red jumpsuit, button-down shirt dress, or a tuxedo dress she always looks comfortable with what she’s wearing while also giving off the vibe of being put together. I especially love her pairing a sequin long sleeved blouse with denim cutoffs and strappy heels.


Have a good weekend!



(all images via Pinterest) 

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Explore Your Own Town


The David Minor Movie Theatre




Smith Family Bookstore




Museum of Unfine Art and Record Store 


Sammich food truck


Caddy corner view of Voodoo Doughnuts






Passionflower Design

I’ve always heard about others “exploring their city” by going to restaurants, shops, and other places of interest that they never/hardly have gone to before instead of their usual places. Having also fallen victim to taking the easy way out when it comes to deciding where to go for a bite to eat or where to shop.

This past week I decided head towards downtown for a few hours after my latest hair cut (pictures of it will be up within the next week!) to explore some places that I’ve always wanted to check out but never have for some reason. My first stop was the David Minor theatre, a eat and drink movie theatre located a block down from my hair salon. No, I unfortunately didn’t see a movie but I do plan on going back with the other half for a movie. Second stop was Smith Family Bookstore, a local family owned shop that I also has a location near the university (which is the one that I frequent). I loved the exposed brick of the two story bookstore and the overall organized chaos of the store. Next door to Smith Family is the Museum of Unfine Art and Record store, a quaint and quirky space that could get anyones creative juices flowing. A couple blocks further in downtown, down the street from the famed Voodoo Doughnuts, is a wonderful boutique that I hadn’t been to in close to a year–Passionflower Design. The store has literally close to everything–Free People frocks, cute stationary, a flower shop, home decor pieces, and gorgeously unique jewelry.

All I can say is that I totally recommend exploring your own town and going to new places instead of your old stopping grounds. You honestly never know how cool a place could be until you step inside (corny, i know, but true)!



(Photos taken by myself with permission from employees of each shop)
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Wednesday Want: Rock Out Floral Biker Jacket

Rock Out Floral Moto Jacket



A fashion forward jacket that also simultaneously gives off a tough chick vibe? Yes, please!

This floral biker jacket by Jovonnista at Topshop is such a great piece as it can go with just about anything in your closet. From cutoffs and booties to being thrown over a dress to being paired with a great pair of jeans, this jacket would take any outfit from “eh” to “hot damn!”.




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(Jacket: Topshop)


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Music Monday: Spring Tunes

Above is a playlist that I’ve been making for the past week to get myself more into this new awesome weather we’re having in the NW due to Spring. Be sure to take a look at it, especially if you’re a fan of either The Strokes, Black Keys, First Aid Kit, TV On The Radio, Best Coast and similar artists. I’ll definitely be updating it throughout the rest of the season so if you like it, make sure to follow it!

Happy Monday!


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Happy First Day of Spring!


As you can see, the flowers are starting to bloom and we all know what that means–Spring is here! Honestly though, Spring is by far one of my favorite seasons as it can be warm enough to enjoy being outside during the day and at night it cools down to just the right temperature for a drink by the outdoor pit.

All I can say is that Cheryl, aka Miss Rhode Island, got it right with “…because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket”.

Have a good one! 


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Lovin’ Right Now: Blood Orange Drink Recipes

Blood Orange Gin & Tonic

Blood Orange Gin & Tonic (via White On Rice Couple)

Blood Orange + Thyme Paloma

 Blood Orange + Thyme Paloma (via The Life Styled)

Blood Orange Margaritas

 Blood Orange Margaritas (via How Sweet It Is)

Blood Orange Frozen Sangria

 Blood Orange Frozen Sangria (via She Knows)

Strawberry + Blood Orange Rum Punch

 Strawberry + Blood Orange Rum Punch (via The Bojon Gourmet)

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Wednesday Want: Alison Lou jewelry

Alison Lou_lookbook_full_size_143

Alison Lou_lookbook_full_size_52

With Jemima Kirke, who plays Jessa on Girls, starring in her ads, designer Alison Chemla and her jewelry line seem to have really taken off. Based off of text emoticons and other iconography, Chemla and her pieces exude such a quirky vibe that’s hard not to look past.

The line can be found on the Refinery 29 website, along with the prices for each piece (which aren’t listed on the actual look book website). 

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Current Weekend Wear Faves



I never really gave baby doll dresses a thought before I saw this one online and I’m so glad I finally tried one on. They’re honestly one of the most comfortable things you could wear and being a dress, easy to put on. As it’s starting to get sunnier out now all I have to do is throw on my favorite jacket without having to also put tights or leggings on–yay for early spring!


(Dress: American Apparel; Jacket: By Corpus; Purse: H&M; Sunnies: Ray Ban; Nails: Bikini So Teeny by Essie)

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Spring Transition Style Inspiration Board

spring2014 transition style board_district of chic

District of Chic

spring2014 transition style board_kendi everyday

Kendi Everyday

spring2014 transition style board_pink peonies

Pink Peonies

spring2014 transition style board_gal meets glam

Gal Meets Glam

spring2014 transition style board_atlantic-pacific


spring2014 transition style board_could i have that

Could I have that?

spring 2014 transition style board_the locus of style

The Locus of Style

spring2014 transition style board_trop rouge

Trop Rogue

One of the biggest inspirations behind a woman’s outfit, besides her personal style, would have to be another woman’s outfit. Either we mimic it with things in our own closet or take one key style point from it.

Every time a new season comes along, I love looking online (and to others on campus and in my city) for outfit ideas that I can pull from what they’re wearing.


P.S. You can see more outfit inspiration via my Sweet Style pinboard. Oh and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ as well!

 (All of the blog sites for every picture is linked through by clicking on the image.)