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Lovin’ Right Now: Fair Isle Sweaters


I love fair isle sweaters because they are THE perfect sweater for the holiday season and will continue to remain a classic, unlike those sweaters with Rudolph and jingle bells on them. 😉

So for those who are heading to a more casual or cozy holiday party, I totally recommend pairing a fair isle sweater with either a simple mini skirt or some fun jeans. You’ll be cute AND comfy as you sip on some spiced cider. Win win, no?



(More winter style inspiration can be found here)

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Style to Admire: Julianne Hough


If you’re needing a little inspiration as to the type of outfits you could be pulling from your closet for right now and this upcoming season, look no further than Julianne Hough.

I personally love her pairing of a dark blue dress with a black leather jacket and black booties, as I’ve always been one to think blue and black can totally go together. However, I also adore how she cuffed her bow tie wide legged trousers, which adds a little quirk to her overall simple and classic ensemble.

Who am I kidding?! I love it all! 🙂


(Photo sources found here)

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Style to Admire: Karlie Kloss

If there’s one thing I’m really wanting to achieve come Fall/Winter time, it’s that “I just threw this outfit together and look great yet still comfortable” look.

I also love putting basics together and making them look so chic, like Karlie Kloss does in the above photos. Leather jacket paired with a Breton top tucked into high waisted jeans? Check. V neck sweater paired with a suede skirt and knee high boots? Check. All of which are wonderful basics that lead to great pairings and can easily be replicated by anyone.

Who’s your current style inspiration for the cooler months that are coming?



See more fashion inspiration via my Pinterest page, including the above photos!


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Style to Admire: Amal Clooney

Taking timeless patterns and silhouettes and modernizing them seems to be the name of the game for Amal Clooney’s style.

I love how long knitwear even looks chic paired with tennis shoes and a satchel by having the pieces be neutral only in color.  The polka dot peplum look, though, is my favorite by far of course. Such a modern silhouette to use when pairing with a classic pattern.


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Lovin’ Right Now: Neck Scarves

By tying a scarf or a bandana around your neck, your outfit can go from “eh” to “ooh” in an instant. I particularly like how a printed scarf can add a little flair to a more neutral toned outfit and do so on a smaller scale. Plus, a neck scarf doesn’t have to be something fussy as a bandana can easily add a little extra as well.

Whether or not this can be seen as one of the latest trends by some, I know that neck scarves have been seen as fashionable for ages. And though this is not something I would’ve tried due to my short neck, maybe soon I may tie one of my silk scarves ’round my neck a la Audrey Hepburn style and see how it turns out.


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Feeling Dotty

From Minnie Mouse to Twiggy, polka dots have had their hand in pop culture and fashion for almost a century now.

As fashion has evolved, so has the polka dot. Originally deemed a young or cutesy pattern, it now can be described as quirky or flirty or even sexy. Ooh la la.

I always love it when a print can be used in multiple ways and am so happy as the classic polka dot has revamped itself.

How do y’all wear your dots?



(Image sources can be found here)

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It’s A Fur Sure Thing

No matter what day and age it is, a fur (or faux fur) item will always be a statement piece. Whether it’s a coat, a stole, a purse, or a vest–it will garner attention as soon as you step out in it.

Fur coats always remind me of a particular photo of my dad’s mom where she wore a white Mink coat while watching Frank Sinatra perform in Las Vegas. To me, a woman wearing a fur coat always exuded sophistication and class (sans Cruella de Vil, of course…).

Lately, though, fur has reinvented itself. A blush colored fur stole is more common than not and the colors that fur is now dyed range from blues to reds to greens even.

Even with being such a fan of the classics, I love the new funky take on fur that’s been around for a while.



(Photos are not mine; All of them and their sources can be found here)

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Style to Admire: Jamie Chung



Jamie Chung’s (actress and blogger) personal style is nothing short of amazing.

From vintage inspired looks consisting of knee high boots and a medallion print miniskirt to casual looks that balance a chunky knit and leather leggings, Chung always seems to get it right. I also love the white on white ensemble, as so many are afraid of wearing white during Winter.



(All images and their original sources can be found on my Pinterest board)

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Style to Admire: Olivia Palermo


One thing I always try to look at when picking someone for “Style to Admire” is whether or not their outfits are attainable for a modern woman who is not in the spotlight. So while I may not be able to rock thigh high boots,  I can do the jeans+booties, sweater+pencil skirt, or the suede shorts+tights combo just about any day.

Life is so fast paced, having an easy outfit combination to rely on is a necessity. I’m also always looking for more ways to look put together while casually dressing when I’m out and about. I’ll definitely be trying the cuffed jeans and booties look here soon.

Happy FriYay! 



(To find the original sources for the images, go to my Pinterest page here)

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Style to Admire: Gigi Hadid

What I love most about Gigi Hadid’s style is just how attainable it is. Obviously not everyone can pull of leather pants like she can, but we can experiment with leather clothing like she does without needing a Sandra Dee-like makeover.

It really comes down to finding key pieces, like a statement coat, leather jacket, or bright pants, that work with your style and budget.


(All photos found off of Pinterest)