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Texas Timeless Cars

IMG_1294IMG_1292 IMG_1295 IMG_1296 IMG_1297

Texas Timeless Cars, located about an hour south of Austin is definitely a haven for any car fanatic. From cars that were new during my grandpa’s childhood to cars circa Miami Vice, this place has them all.

I’ve always passed this place so many times on the way to Austin. I’m so glad we made a quick stop a few weeks ago to check this place out and was able to snap some quick photos via my iPhone of it. (I forgot my Nikon camera at home–I know, I know…despicable behavior from mois.)


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Wednesday Want: FP Dream Maker Melange Poncho


I’m seeing ponchos everywhere and at first I was skeptical of the trend but this poncho by Free People has got me saying “yay” instead of “nay”. I love the texture and coloring of it, sort of a nod to the good ol’ cowboy days but with a more modern structure.

It could easily be paired with jeans and leggings along with dresses and skirts even.


(Free People Melange Poncho: $168)

Image from Free People website. Link to site is included in the above post. 

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Music for Rainy Days

By far one of my favorite movies, Pride & Prejudice is not only visually appealing but also acoustically. Songs like “Dawn” and “Liz on Top of the World” are just so amazing and perfect for rainy days. Especially these non-stop rainy days we’ve been having in Texas due to Hurricane Patricia

The soundtrack just overall sets a good tone to any day in my opinion and hope it does for y’all as well.


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Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Vintage image of Rosie the Riveter by J. Howard Miller. Courtesy National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
Vintage image of Rosie the Riveter by J. Howard Miller. Courtesy National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

2015 halloween costume ideas_2 2015 halloween costume ideas_3 2015 halloween costume ideas_4 2015 halloween costume ideas_5

Halloween is just a little over two weeks away. With that being said, it’s really time for some of y’all to start thinking about a costume!

Above are some of my favorite (and a few classic) halloween costume inspirations. Rosie the Riveter, Holly Golightly, and Cruella Deville you can never go wrong with. I’ve been two out of the three before and loved every moment dressed as them. Margot Tenebaum is technically more of a quirky costume and those that will get it will obviously have seen The Royal Tenebaums. 

However, I really think Princess Leia costumes are going to make a huge comeback so to speak this year with Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out this December.


(All images found on Pinterest)

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Lovin’ Right Now: Kate Spade x Magnolia Bakery Collection

Magnolia Bakery, a New York City staple, has teamed up with Kate Spade New York to bring customers a collection as sweet as their goodies.

My favorites are the cupcake purse, cookbook clutch, and “yes please” silk scarf. All of them are sweet in their own right but can also easily add some quirk to any outfit. I especially love the thought of pairing the cupcake purse with leather or a no nonsense all black outfit.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


(Cupcake Purse; $348; Cookbook Clutch: $328; Yes Please Silk Scarf: $68)

All images are from the Kate Spade New York website

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Home Envy: Pops of Color

Home Envy-Pops of Color_1 Home Envy-Pops of Color_2 Home Envy-Pops of Color_3 Home Envy-Pops of Color_4 Home Envy-Pops of Color_5

I’ve always gravitated towards rich, earthy tones and black and white photos when it comes to decorating a living area. Exhibit A: My last apartment consisted of a grey couch, chevron fur b/w print throw pillow, Audrey Hepburn b/w throw pillow, a few prints on the wall, and a small side table with a few books laid on top.

I always thought taking a minimalistic approach to design was best. Wrong. It was the safest and required the least amount of thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still all about being minimalist; however, my color palette has definitely expanded since I decorated my last apartment.


(All images can be found on my Pinterest board)

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Style to Admire: Gigi Hadid

What I love most about Gigi Hadid’s style is just how attainable it is. Obviously not everyone can pull of leather pants like she can, but we can experiment with leather clothing like she does without needing a Sandra Dee-like makeover.

It really comes down to finding key pieces, like a statement coat, leather jacket, or bright pants, that work with your style and budget.


(All photos found off of Pinterest)

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Top 5 Fragrances for F/W

Top 5 Fragrances for F:W_2015

Maybe it’s just me, but when the seasons change not only do my clothes and makeup but my perfume as well. I’ve always thought that someone’s scent represented not only themselves but also their mood and their surroundings.

Colder weather just seems to bring out the more spicy and musky notes, while also bringing out a warmer and more sensual vibe.

I’ve always loved Lola by Marc Jacobs since it was first released when I was in high school. Lately I’ve been into Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme and Jo Malone’s latest cologne, as I’ve entered my mid twenties and am wanting a more “adult” fragrance.

What are some of your favorites? 


(From left: Poison by Dior; Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent; Mimosa & Cardamon cologne by Jo Malone; Lola by Marc Jacobs; Noir Pour Femme by Tom Ford)
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I Want Your Love

There is nothing Lady Gaga can’t do. Seriously.

From belting out tunes from the Sound of Music at last year’s Academy Awards to starring in AHS: Hotel to now covering Chic’s “I Want Your Love” for Tom Ford’s S/S16 Collection, she just keeps reminding us that she is the definition of a legend.


(photo from Billboard’s website)

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Fall To Do List

Fall to do List_2015

Yes, I do know that a good half or more of the things on my list deal with food. Growing up in the South I really recognized that food brought people together, especially during the chillier months.

Now, even though it’s not chilly yet down here in Texas, that still applies especially when nothing says “Fall is here” quite like an over abundance of anything and everything pumpkin.

What do you plan on doing during the season?