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To My Readers

As I’ve mentioned, for the next week or so I’ll be on vacation down in California. I’m not the biggest person who tends to be on their computer while on vacation so if I do post anything it’ll be more sporadic. Hey, we all need a bit of relaxation every now and then.

Also, I’m sure many of you have heard about Google Reader being no más come Monday. After hearing of this a week or so ago I decided to put ShortSweetandLovely up on Bloglovin’. I’ve grown to love this site as it has all my favorite blogs I love to follow and their latest posts all on one page.

With all this being said, I hope y’all have a great weekend!


P.S. Stop on by my Instagram account @shortsweetandlovely to see all of what I’ll be doing the next upcoming week or so! 🙂

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Places to see in L.A.

I’m so excited to be fortunate enough to be overnighting in the West L.A. area near Venice Beach. Last time I was in L.A. it was for a good deal of one day but I still wasn’t able to see everything I had wanted to; however, I was able to go the touristy route and headed out to the Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood Boulevard. For my upcoming trip I’ve narrowed down some of the places I want to see to one particular list:

1.Amoeba Records

amoeba records los angeles

2.Venice Boardwalk

venice beach boardwalk

3.Venice Canals

venice beach canals

4.Hollywood Forever Cemetery

hollywood forever cemetery

5.Getty Center

getty center

6.Farmer’s Market

farmers market la


Luckily for me, my other half and I are staying at an Inn in the Venice Beach area that is walking distance to half the things on my list! For the others, it’s just a short drive away which of course is all due to some wonderful planning on a certain someone’s part 😉

For those in/from the L.A. area, I am welcome to any sort of restaurant or venue suggestions!


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The Sun

I had never really given The Naked And Famous a listen much before hearing this song in last night’s True Blood episode. Not only was its electronic backdrop mixed with whisper-like voices perfect for last night’s episode, but the song is also eerily similar to the work of the The Xx. The guitar riff that starts at 1:30, though, is what sets this song apart from The Xx and their sound. Also, what I love most about the music video itself is how the imagery and the movement amongst the imagery mirrors what is musically occurring during the song.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m definitely going to have to give The Naked And Famous’s discography a chance!

Have a great Monday!


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Happy First Day of Summer!

la jolla 2 san diego sep 15 2012 me

la jolla 1

A little over a week from now, I’ll be heading back down to Southern California. I’m so excited, as this is only my second trip visiting. Last summer, in early September, when I visited I went to SoCal, Santa Monica, La Jolla (pictured), and the San Diego Zoo were a must (along with taking in Chargers and Padres games). I can’t wait to see what the upcoming trip has in store for me; hopefully I can see just about all the places on a list I’ve made, which i’ll share in the very near future!

Hope all of y’all have a great first day of summer!


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Swim Season


jcrew caribbean stripe swim

anthropologie map swimsuit

pow wow bandeau bikini

lolli peplum one piece

swim upon a star swimsuit

Cover ups

v neck tunic in wave stripe from j crew

meknes poncho from anthro

6 shore road maxi dress cover up

pink tie dye bandeau cover up from topshop

converse annie swim cover up

Now that’s Summer here, it’s time to find the right suit and cover up so we can beach bum it (or wherever you’ll be)! Whether or not you’re a one piece or two piece girl, there’s plenty of options when it comes to style, print, and color. I personally am loving two piece bandeaus, especially the ones from J. Crew. However, one pieces have definitely become much cuter and quirkier with a peplum style or with a cool map print. For those who love a retro vibe, high waisted bottoms also are in style, and you don’t have to totally g0 all out retro with a high waisted bottom suit as they tend to come in various prints that don’t only give off a retro vibe. Cover ups have always come a long way since the terrycloth tube dress. Many cover ups can now be worn by themselves as you go out to dinner or for drinks after hitting the beach.

(1: J. Crew; 2: Anthropologie; 3: Anthropologie 4: Urban Outfitters; 5: Mod Cloth; 6: J. Crew; 7: Anthropologie; 8: Urban Outfitters; 9: Topshop; 10: Target)

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Recently, a good friend of mine introduced me to James Blake. His music has both sensual tones and a hypnotizing rhythm that makes you want to sway along with the music. With a background in producing  electronic music, Blake weaves electronic into his singer-songrwriter work. “Retrograde” is a perfect example of this woven mixture and is easily one of my new favorite songs.

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Hey lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Mine’s been pretty hectic with the end of the term occurring and having to decorate and entirely empty living room (yikes!). Soon I should be able to find some furniture that’s up to snuff and hopefully can post some pictures for y’all!

Also, I wanted to update y’all on something I’m doing with the blog and that’s putting it  up on Bloglovin. You can follow me on Bloglovin by clicking here!

Have a great rest of the weekend and a wonderful Father’s Day!


P.S. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram @shortsweetandlovely ! 🙂

(image via:

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Dots + Stripes

dots + stripes 1 dots + stripes 2

I was so proud of myself for being tall enough to reach the leaves.

dots + stripes 4 dots + stripes 5


I love the little neighborhood my apartment complex is settled next to. It has some of the quaintest houses which makes spur of the moments walk like the one we had after a drugstore visit seem so idyllic. Even though the weather hasn’t been sunny like it was before finals week, getting some fresh air in the midst of studying was definitely a good decision. Hopefully once the sun decides to show its face again there can be many park visits to the three parks close to me–and of course a visit or two to the local ice cream shop 😉

Y’all have a wonderful weekend!


(top: American Apparel; skirt: American Apparel; denim jacket: Urban Outfitters(old), similar; purse: Urban Outfitters(old), similar; shoes: TOMS; earrings: Nasty Gal; glasses: Oakley)


P.S. Be sure to check out the blog on Instagram, @shortsweetandlovely !

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

the best of the kinks album

short sleeve popover in arrow from jcrew

williams and sonoma bbq set

caddyshack dvd

dessert gallery lemon sqaures

1. One of their favorite albums on vinyl (if they have a turn table…if not stick with a good ol’ cd). For my dad, I chose an album by one of his favorite bands–The Kinks.

2. This J Crew shirt is great either for golfing or for wearing out for Father’s Day dinner.

3. This grill tool set from Williams & Sonoma is perfect for the grill enthusiast.

4. Caddyshack is by far the most quoted movie by my dad and my other half’s dad. If your dad doesn’t have this movie in his collection–buy him it!

5. Dessert Gallery’s lemon bars are ah-mazing. If there’s one near you, they give you the option of even ordering them online. If not, they have their recipe on their website for you to make them special for dad.

~Also, as a side note, I’ve recently just created an Instagram account for the blog! The username for it is @shortsweetandlovely. 🙂

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

In honor of this being the last week of my current term and also of this school year– I give you “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. I remember the first time I heard this song, it was while my dad was driving me home from Catholic school way back when. Thus began my love for Nirvana. However, it wasn’t until junior high school that I fully began to appreciate not only Nirvana’s sound but also their angsty lyrics. I’ll always appreciate their music and how it touched me . Through Nirvana I learned the power of music and how it is one of the cheapest forms of therapy.

I hope y’all really do have a great day.