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Crazy Pumpkin Times







It has become a tradition for the other half and I to go out to Junction City and pick out our Halloween pumpkins at Lone Pine Farms.

This past Saturday, we first went to our town’s local farmers market for some fresh pie, sausage, and squash (pictured at top) and then headed out to Lone Pine.

Unfortunately, the decent weather didn’t last our entire time there but we enjoyed our time as usual before the rains kicked in again. Great thing about my leather Doc Martens is that mud wipes easily off of them.


P.S. This outfit has been on rotation for me these past few weeks as it’s just so comfy and easy to throw on.


(Outfit–Plaid Tunic: BDG; Leggings: American Eagle; Chelsea Boots: Doc Martens; Belt: BDG; Beanie: Target)

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Lovin’ Right Now: Burgundy

burgundy love_1

burgundy love_2

burgundy love_3
burgundy love_5


The color burgundy will always remind me of Fall. It’s even amongst the changing leaves.

What I love most, though, about the color is how easily it can be paired any sort of neutral to dress up or dress down your look. I’ve even recently added the color into my closet with this printed dress from H&M.




(Images can be found here)


Little Bit of Rivalry




This past weekend was the 20th anniversary of “The Pick” that occurred during the Oregon vs. Washington game that started the shift that led to more wins by Oregon. Going to the game was quite an experience as there’s so much emotion already involved due to the rivalry between the two schools and then the added emotion with “The Pick” anniversary.

I’m also quite happy that the weather turned out amazing as it is now gone to be being quite rainy all throughout the day–aka, it’s back to typical Oregonian weather.

Hope y’alls weekend turned out great as well! 


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Bad Habit

The Kooks have always been a band that I come back to every now and then. Their latest album, Listen, is brimming with quintessential indie pop-rock songs like their single “Down” and “Bad Habit”.

Their hit “Bad Habit” has become my go to song for getting ready as the beat just puts you in such a good mood. It also is perfect for when you are doing a solo dance party while getting ready to go out. 😉


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Top Anthropologie Fall Finds

anthropolgie fall want list 2014_1

Goldform Trousers

anthropologie fall want list 2014_2

Honeycrisp Plaid Bomber

anthropologie fall wants 2014_3

Confetti Striped Pullover

anthropologie fall wants 2014_4

Arborea Dress

anthropologie fall wants 2014_5

Faux-Fur Shawl Vest

I feel that Anthropologie will never let me down when it comes to putting unique twists on essential pieces.

Polka dot trousers? A plaid print bomber jacket? Not only are these pieces unique but perfect for fall! Plus, who really wants the same ol’ same ol’ anyways? 😉

Check these out and more on their website!


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Fall Chicken Apple Sausage Skillet


I recently found another version of this recipe on Pinterest here and just had to make it more of my own! With that being said, I’m glad I did because I love the flavors that go into this simple dish. They are also perfect for fall and cozy evenings in!




1 package of Aidell’s Chicken Apple Sausage

1 yellow onion (chopped)

1 sweet potato (chopped with the skin left on)

1 apple (specifics are up to personal preference–I used a fuji apple)

2 tbsp Caripelli Olive Oil

Cinnamon to taste



Chop up all in ingredients and put them in a simmering skillet that is set on medium.

Make sure to fully cook the chicken sausage to where it starts to brown.

Once the sausage is browned enough for your taste, you can remove the skillet from the stove to cool for a minute or two before serving.

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Current Hairspiration

current hairspiration_1

current hairspiration_2

current hairspiration_3

current hairspiration



Lately I’ve been loving the look of a pixie with long bangs and am definitely thinking of growing out my bangs for the colder weather that’s heading my way up here in the NW. Plus, these lovely ladies pull it off so well it’s hard to not want to try to as well!


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Portlandia: Part I Don’t Know






I honestly have become infatuated with Portland and all of its various districts. By far, my favorites so far would have to be the Pearl District, Pioneer District, Alphabet District, and Hawthorne District.

I just love the vibe I get every time I visit and the people are generally so nice and chill. Honestly, though, what else would you expect from the town that food carts and Modest Mouse hail from?

Happy Friday! 



(Photos of the University District around Portland State University and of the lower part of Pioneer District)