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This Is Halloween

Normally I don’t post videos except on Mondays. However, I felt that today would be a big exception with it being Halloween. And I mean, in my book, you can’t really celebrate Halloween without some classic Halloween movies and music. All one really needs to do for me is throw on Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, and The Nightmare Before Christmas while I nom on candy and pumpkin flavored things and wah-la!

This weekend is when I’ll really be celebrating (home-made costume and all) my second favorite holiday. Tonight, though, I’ll be perfectly content while watching my favorite Halloween movies while also getting ready for the other half’s birthday that’s tomorrow.


How are y’all spending this year’s Halloween? 



P.S. Here’s my inspiration for one of my Halloween outfits for the weekend.

cool cats gif


(gif source)

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Wednesday Want: Distressed Leather Bow Tote

etsy distressed leather bow tote


This tote, by Stacey Leigh, is what dreams are made of….or at least my handbag dreams. It has a bow, is of a nice leather, and is big enough to sneak in snacks into the movie theatre. Unfortunately, on her site it says that the tote is sold. So if anyone could re-direct me towards something uncannily similar I’d be forever thankful. I just hope another handbag will be able to steal my heart like this one has.


Happy Wednesday everybody! 


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R.I.P. Lou Reed

My very first vinyl album was the Velvet Underground’s greatest hits album. “Rock & Roll” was always a song to turn to whenever I felt out of place as the lyric “saved by rock & roll” reminded me so much of how music sometimes was the most comforting thing to have by your side.

Lou Reed, frontman of Velvet Underground, is proclaimed to have given life to punk rock and all the genres of rock that sprung from punk rock. The man was fearless and I still remember (after hearing a song of his for the first time) the stories of cross dressing and thrashing onstage that my dad told me of him. In my eyes, I saw him as a rock god and he will forever remain as a rock god also in the eyes of many.

Rest In Peace, Lou Reed.

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Wednesday Want: Confetti Striped Sweater

anthropologie confetti striped pullover


A comfy sweater that also glitters? Uhm, excuse me while I drool. Not only does it go with the ever popular skinny jeans but would also be cute tucked into a skirt. This sweater could also be the perfect piece to give life to your norm weekend look.


(Sweater: Anthropologie)

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It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

pumpkin country_1

pumpkin country_2

pumpkin country_3

pumpkin country_5

pumpkin country_6

There’s nothing that says it’s Fall quite like a pumpkin patch. Lone Pine Farms, less than 30 minutes from where I live, was such a quite place to go pumpkin hunting. Not only do they have a pumpkin patch but also hayrides, a petting zoo, and a playground for the youngsters. The candy apples they sold also looked super delicious as the apples were also from the farm.

I’m honestly just happy that the weather has been cooperating lately and also being absolutely wonderful. Only needing to really wear a sweater and pants is awesome, especially when a jacket is only required for early early morning lectures.

Happy Monday! 


(Tee: BDG; Leggings: Nordstrom; Vest: Jack BB Dakota (old); Boots: Doc Martens; Purse: Urban Outfitters)

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Rest My Chemistry


I think because of all the cations and anions I’ve currently been studying in Mineralogy, I have been drawn back to this song. Interpol will always be one of my top groups, especially one from my high school years. Their entire discography, especially “Rest My Chemistry”, always seems to bring me into a relaxingly somber mood. And honestly, that’s one of the best moods one can be in while trying to figure out the wackiness of chemistry and all the other -istry things that make up our world.


Fall To-Do List

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch. 

2. Make Pumpkin Bread. 

3. Get out your sweaters! 

4. Buy a pretty Fall bouquet. 

5. Enjoy an outdoor bonfire with friends. 

6. Go to a football game. 

7. Come up with a creative Halloween outfit. 

8. Make all sorts of CrockPot chili. 

9. Take a day out of the week to just relax and enjoy the day (preferably with a book and cup of tea at hand).

10. Go out for a hike! 

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Every since getting HAIM’s album over the weekend, I have been listening to it non-stop. Over the past Summer, I heard a-lot of good things about their single “Falling” but never gave it a listen for some reason. Their album “Days Are Gone”, released September 30th, is currently on iTunes Top Albums and has been heavily talked about on the interwebs. By listening to their music, it’s hard to not see why the sister group is currently everywhere.


Have  great Monday!