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Spring Fashion Links


These past few months, Nasty Gal has really come to catch my eye. I love the variety of clothes on the site and how each piece is fitted to appeal towards a particular person. The founder, Sophia Amoruso, has done a superb job when it comes to picking these pieces so all sorts of personalities can enjoy.

modcloth spring

ModCloth, since discovering it a year or so ago, has always been a favorite site of mine to browse. The quirkiness of the clothes, accessories, and home items never ceases to put a smile on my face. Co-Founder Susan Gregg Koger and her Mod Cloth buyers team do such an excellent job to pick pieces that’d put a spring in any lovely girl’s step.

What I love about both of these sites is how their founders turned them from being a barely known thrifting site into two sites that have come to shake up the fashion world. These two women truly are an inspiration!

Y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!



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