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Lately, I have really gotten into a health kick. On top of yoga, which I’ve now been doing for around a year, I recently have gotten into hiking, walking, and eating healthier. A big reason why I’ve gotten into this health kick is due to my vacation down south in San Diego. Also, I just have always felt so much more alive and better when working out and eating right.

Of course, due to Summer coming up here soon, many others are having the same mentality as me. What you wear while getting fit, whether it’s walking or yoga or hiking or running, definitely can help you. There are so many stores and brands out there that it can honestly get confusing which are the best and for what. Not only that, but not having to spend an arm and a leg can sometimes be hard too when it comes to fitness apparel.


The girls who work at LuluLemon are so incredibly helpful, which makes every time I’ve gone into one of it’s stores a great experience. Also, the fact that they do free alterations for any thing that might be too long or too big is an incredible bonus. And yes, they can be a bit pricey when it comes to certain items but with their products your dollar can really go a long way as all products last a good while. LuluLemon is best for yoga, running, and regular machine exercising.


REI is a sure bet when it comes to outdoor needs when you want high quality. Also, REI tends to have a decent amount of outlet stores which makes scoring a deal that much easier. Any sort of hiking equipment and pants for hiking that you need you can get from REI knowing you made a good choice.


Honestly, what does Target not have? I love this store way too much and could spend close to a thousand there if I were allowed to parouse the store for just a few hours. One great thing about Target is the Champion athletic line that they carry, which has a great selection of tops, sports bras, shorts, cropped pants, and yoga pants for the price.

I really hoped that helped some of you! If you have any questions–feel free to ask! I’ve tried more than just these three stores and am willing to answer whatever you may ask! Also, below is my current (it’s always changing) workout playlist.

Good luck to all of y’all on your endeavors!


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