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Hollywood Forever Cemetery

First of all, I just wanna say that Aubrey Plaza has to be one of my favorite current actresses. Not only is she amazing in Parks & Recreation, but every interview I watch of her makes me love her even more so. Her sass and wit is just without comparison.  Also, she can do a pretty good mental breakdown–as seen in this music video.

This song, for some reason, always seems to put me in an ethereal mood to where I just want to sway back and forth. Which is why the video is so ironic for me as it goes a totally different direction with the person Aubrey Plaza plays having a very public breakdown and becoming a hot mess. Oh, and also the fact that she gets “kidnapped” by some dude isn’t really what I have in mind when I listen to the song either.

No matter what direction the music video went, I still thoroughly enjoy it and the whole mood associated along with the song.

Enjoy y’alls Monday!


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