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Momma’s Guacamole

No matter what time of the year it was , my momma would make guacamole if she or anyone else was craving it. Once the temperatures started to rise, though, guacamole  tended to have always made a daily appearance. I was so happy years ago when she finally taught me how to make it, and every since then I’ve been making it for myself, for friends, and for 4th of July BBQs too. What I honestly love so much to about the recipe itself is just how easy it is! 🙂






2-3 avocados

Lemon juice

Worcestershire Sauce ( I prefer Lea & Perrins)

Picante (I prefer Pace)


1. Slice each of your avocados in half. Spoon out the seed and then begin to spoon out the meat of the avocado into a medium sized bowl.

2.With a foley fork, start mashing the avocado a little bit. Don’t use a regular fork as it tends to make things too chunky and also takes a-lot more time.

3. Add however much lemon juice, worcestershire, and picante you like. (As a tip, try not to go too heavy on the lemon juice or the worcestershire as it makes the guacamole a bit too runny).

4. With all your ingredients in your bowl, mash them all together with your foley fork until you get it to where the mixture isn’t too chunky but also doesn’t look like baby food.

Hope y’all enjoy the recipe!


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