Happy Valentines Day and 1 Year!

I started Short Sweet and Lovely on last year’s Valentines Day. Since that day, not only have my posts changed but so have I. Change is inevitable and really, the best thing to do when change comes your way is to try and embrace it.

No matter what you have planned for Valentine’s Day, please try to do something a little different today than what you would normally do. Make something you never have made before–for example, I’m making cheesecake brownies for the special person in my life. Maybe you can watch a cheesy movie you never thought you’d watch. Whatever you decide to do, make it special in your own unique way. Of course, while you’re making it suit your fancy, listen to some amazing music! Below are some of my favorite mushy gushy tunes.

Enjoy the tunes and have a wonderful Valentines Day! Also, thanks to everyone who has stumbled upon my blog throughout the past year! 🙂

Happy Valentines Day!!!