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Sweater Weather


Sweater weather is coming back to H-Town, and oh, am I excited!

It seems like the last time we got cooler weather it only lasted a couple of days, so fingers crossed that we’ll get a least a WEEK of it this time.


Life, Music Mondays, Trending

Female Robbery

I know I know…it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted something for Music Mondays and I do apologize. No, it’s not because I didn’t have music I wanted to share with y’all (I’m always in the mood to share music). These past two weeks I’ve been holed up in Mineralogy Lab for a good 24+ hours during the week and more. Hopefully here soon I’ll get back on track with my posts.

On that note, please enjoy “Female Robbery” by The Neighbourhood and let me know what you think of the message in the beginning of the video. Hint: what’s actually happening is the opposite of what is said in the subtitles.