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Soft Shock

While going up and down the 5, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs seemed to be on a constant play in our car. “Soft Shock”, of their album It’s Blitz!, is such a perfect driving song as the guitars and electronics give you a good steady energy.

I first became a fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs when I was a teenager starting the 8th grade watching Fuse repeatedly over the summer. One day, their music video for “Maps” came on and it just brought so many emotions. It was instantaneous love and to this day that is still my favorite song of theirs and one of my all time favorites in general. Unfortunately, when we went to Amoeba Music they did not have Fever to Tell (the album “Maps” is on), but they did have Its Blitz!, so instead that is what I decided to get along with a Beatles album.

What is a song that has shaped your music taste?