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Current Hairspiration

Something unfortunate almost happened this past week. I once again thought about growing out my pixie.

It’s like a cycle. Every other year, I start to get annoyed with my hair and the lack of what I can do with it so to speak. And like usual, once this thought hits me, I remember that I am currently living in the humid Gulf Coast region of Texas and that my thick hair and humidity have never gotten along. Also, I feel if I were to abandon my pixie i’d also abandon a part of myself.

As melodramatic as that sounds (Gosh, Christen…it’s just hair!), it’s true. I’ve had a pixie for going on five years now and it’s really come to represent who I am. A little quirky and a little carefree with some class thrown in.



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Pixie Perfection Tips

When I was 17, I decided to cut off seven inches of my hair going from long wavy locks to a sort of lob style. Then when I was 18 and about to go off to my first year of college I finally took the plunge and had my hair stylist cut my hair into a pixie. For the past four years now, I’ve hardly had my hair styled any differently and instead choose variations of the style.

The pixie is not for everyone but it is definitely an easy yet classic look. Here are some quick tips to help those who are thinking going for a pixie:


1.Talk to your hair stylist about what type of pixie and its length would best suit your face shape. This is really important as you want a pixie to emphasize your best facial qualities and not detract from them like a bad style would.

2. Think about your lifestyle and the climate that you live in. For those who live in a climate that’s more temperate and prone to cold winters, it’s best to go for a longer style. First of all, you’ll be saving your ears. Second of all, a beanie on super short pixies can look a tad awkward at times!

3. Ask if your stylist offers free bang and/or neck trims in between cuts. Most do offer them freely to their clients, which is a godsend considering that without them your pixie will look less polished before it is cut next versus having them trimmed.

4. Keep your time between cuts at four to six weeks max. With bang and neck trims you are able to prolong the time in between your last cut and the next; however, going past six weeks can sometimes to lead to a Beatles-esque mop on your head.

5. Try to only shampoo your hair a few times a week. You can use conditioner every day if you want as it doesn’t affect hair the way shampoo does. Also, keep the amount of shampoo and conditioner to a dime to nickel size (depending on the length of your pixie). If you feel you’re not getting as good of a later with that amount, just add water and not extra hair product.