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Summer Skin


For years I used the Clarisonic face wash and mask that went with my Clarisonic Mia 2 brush.

However, with having moved back to the Houston area this past year, I noticed that neither the face wash or mask were working as well as they did when I lived in Oregon. This was due to my skin having changed a little since moving and also because of living in a more humid and polluted environment.

So after noticing this, I did what I do best–I researched dozens of products, read the product testimonies, and even tried a select few to gauge the results for myself. I eventually decided on two Origins products that seemed to combat the acne and oil that my skin deals with during the summer here–the Out of Trouble mask and Zero Oil face wash.

If your skin also breaks out and tends to get quite oily, I fully recommend you try these products. They have been working so well for weeks now, and I love how my skin feels after using them.