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Crazy Pumpkin Times







It has become a tradition for the other half and I to go out to Junction City and pick out our Halloween pumpkins at Lone Pine Farms.

This past Saturday, we first went to our town’s local farmers market for some fresh pie, sausage, and squash (pictured at top) and then headed out to Lone Pine.

Unfortunately, the decent weather didn’t last our entire time there but we enjoyed our time as usual before the rains kicked in again. Great thing about my leather Doc Martens is that mud wipes easily off of them.


P.S. This outfit has been on rotation for me these past few weeks as it’s just so comfy and easy to throw on.


(Outfit–Plaid Tunic: BDG; Leggings: American Eagle; Chelsea Boots: Doc Martens; Belt: BDG; Beanie: Target)

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Bits and Pieces of Life Lately



Finally got some chelsea style Dr. Martens boots



Late night Voodoo Doughnuts run in downtown Portland



Breakfast run at B Street Coffee House in downtown Portland



Yummy Coupe D’etat at The Barn Light in dowtown Eugene



Whilamut Trail along the Willamette River 

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Bits and Pieces of the Southern Oregon Coast








While on the way to the Redwoods, the gang and I stopped at least five times to chill at the coast and do some quick hikes. It was a bit cold in the beginning of the day (What’s new, Oregon?!) but towards the latter part of the day it turned into perfect coastal weather.

Also, I got to see whales (Orcas at that!) for the first time ever in my life. Near the pod of Orcas we also were able to spot some seals, which just made the trip that more eventful!

Hope life has also been treating y’all well! 


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Tumalo Falls








Tumalo Falls, located just outside of Bend in the Deschutes National Forest, was by far one of the most scenic hikes I’ve ever been on. It’s a real easy quarter mile hike up to the viewpoint and then a four mile hike further up towards Happy Valley.

We decided to hike up to the viewpoint and then to just hike along the creek as the views of the forest surrounding it were too good to stop looking at.

I’d definitely recommend this hike to anybody, even those who don’t really hike, as it was fairly easy and quite scenic. For more experienced hikers, there’s also Black Butte or Smith Rock–both also have incredible views.

Happy Friday! 


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Deschutes Brewery









One of the best things to do while in Bend is to take a tour of Deschutes Brewery. The easiest way to sign up is online and the tour is free along with four samples you get along with the tour.

The tour itself is cool as the guide not only talks about the history of the Deschutes brewing company but of beer in general. It’s also a huge plus that the brewery is located right on the Deschutes River and across from one of the main areas of Bend–the Old Mill District.


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Off to Bend!

deshcutes river 1

For the other half’s and mine anniversary we are taking a weekend trip up to Bend, OR. Gotta say, love the timing of our anniversary this year as it coincides perfectly with Memorial Day weekend.

Some of my favorite spots in and around Bend would have to be the Old Mill District, Bond Street, the Deschutes Brewery, Smith Rock, Mt. Bachelor, and the Newberry Volcano.

For those who haven’t visited Central Oregon ever before–you definitely should!


Hope y’all have a great Memorial Day weekend! 


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Springtime at Mt. Pisgah










I’ve been wanting to hike Mt. Pisgah for weeks and finally got the chance to go with the other half this past weekend. Luckily for us, the weather has been so gorgeous this past week which made the hike incredibly enjoyable. The great thing I noticed about the trails at Mt. Pisgah is not only are there a good number of them, but lots of the trails meet up with one another so you can wander and not stay on just one trail. We will definitely start to be making more trips out to Mt. Pisgah, it’s just too wonderful not to visit.


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Explore Your Own Town


The David Minor Movie Theatre




Smith Family Bookstore




Museum of Unfine Art and Record Store 


Sammich food truck


Caddy corner view of Voodoo Doughnuts






Passionflower Design

I’ve always heard about others “exploring their city” by going to restaurants, shops, and other places of interest that they never/hardly have gone to before instead of their usual places. Having also fallen victim to taking the easy way out when it comes to deciding where to go for a bite to eat or where to shop.

This past week I decided head towards downtown for a few hours after my latest hair cut (pictures of it will be up within the next week!) to explore some places that I’ve always wanted to check out but never have for some reason. My first stop was the David Minor theatre, a eat and drink movie theatre located a block down from my hair salon. No, I unfortunately didn’t see a movie but I do plan on going back with the other half for a movie. Second stop was Smith Family Bookstore, a local family owned shop that I also has a location near the university (which is the one that I frequent). I loved the exposed brick of the two story bookstore and the overall organized chaos of the store. Next door to Smith Family is the Museum of Unfine Art and Record store, a quaint and quirky space that could get anyones creative juices flowing. A couple blocks further in downtown, down the street from the famed Voodoo Doughnuts, is a wonderful boutique that I hadn’t been to in close to a year–Passionflower Design. The store has literally close to everything–Free People frocks, cute stationary, a flower shop, home decor pieces, and gorgeously unique jewelry.

All I can say is that I totally recommend exploring your own town and going to new places instead of your old stopping grounds. You honestly never know how cool a place could be until you step inside (corny, i know, but true)!



(Photos taken by myself with permission from employees of each shop)