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TV Shows To Look Forward to This Fall

1. New Girl

new girl s3 promo photo

2. Parks & Recreation

parks and rec s6

3. Once Upon A Time

ouat s3 premiere

4. Brooklyn Nine- Nine

brooklyn nine-nine s1 premiere

5. The Michael J. Fox Show

the michael j. fox show s1 promo




(all photos are from the show’s own Facebook sites)

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New Girl

I’m sure all of y’all have at least heard about the show New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. Along with Parks and Recreation and Once Upon a Time, this is by far one of my favorite shows currently on t.v. The humor behind the show is fantastic and there have been several moments (and I mean SEVERAL) to where I’m laughing so hard I look like a seal clapping.

As much as I love Zooey’s character Jess, the three main guys in the show are so funny in their own way. There’s Nick, the lovable one who has a guy-next-door thing going on and tends to have some money issues. Schmidt is the OCD, overtly sexual and douche-y one of the bunch, and Wilson I consider to be the voice of reason among the group as he seems to be the most sensible.

To get to the point, today is quite an awesome day. Earlier Zooey D. tweeted that New Girl got picked up by its network for a second season. OH YESSSSSS!!!! WOOP, WOOP! 🙂 Sorry for all the crazy all caps but this show is just too good to not get picked up, therefore i’m pretty damn excited.

For those who have never actually watched the show, I am going to present to you some of the best moments of the show. And, no I’m definitely not going to re-watch all these moments, too…. Yeah, I lied. I am totally going to watch my favorite New Girl scenes while doing a little celebratory dance. (:

Prepare to laugh until you seal clap! (: 

Psst…Oh hey, so I wanted y’all to see the clips in better quality than what most of You Tube was offering. So sorry bout all the links needed to click on to see them!

New Girl: Advice (clip)

New Girl: Take a Breath (clip)

New Girl: Cactus (clip)

New Girl: Suppress the Jess (clip)

Now, I know I said the videos weren’t going to be off of YouTube, but I just LOVE this one particular scene! It isn’t really a funny scene but it definitely makes you feel good.(: