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Name For You


I’m currently planning a trip back up to my second home–the Northwest–and “Name For You” is by far one of the highlights on the travel playlist that I am making for my trip.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for The Shins, as they were my first ever concert. Their music is simply feel-good music, and I have truly never been in a bad mood while listening to them. This song echoes that feeling and is also just such a great song to have on while driving.

Needless to say, I honestly cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us and the March release of their new album “HEARTWORMS”.


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A 1000 Times


Towards the end of 2016, I was introduced into a lot of good music.

One song that I’ve really been digging is “A 1000 Times” by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam. It has honestly become one of my go-to driving songs for when I’m out and about or just coming home from work.

With the new year, I am definitely looking forward to discovering more good music.

What are y’all loving right now?


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I can listen to this song over and over again. Scratch that–I actually have listened to this song on repeat for a few weeks now.

Similar to that of Mumford & Sons, I believe that the music The Lumineers produce is good for the heart and soul. I also appreciate that they incorporate literary references in their songs as well, whether it’s titling a song after Shakespearean character or quoting Elie Wiesel (“the opposite of love is indifference”).

This song in particular references Ophelia, a woman who believed herself to be in love with the oh so destructible Hamlet, with the line “Heaven help the fool who falls in love.”

I cannot wait to see what other songs The Lumineers have on their new album. And of course, there will be a few tears shed as I give it a listen.



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I Want Your Love

There is nothing Lady Gaga can’t do. Seriously.

From belting out tunes from the Sound of Music at last year’s Academy Awards to starring in AHS: Hotel¬†to now covering Chic’s “I Want Your Love” for Tom Ford’s S/S16 Collection, she just keeps reminding us that she is the definition of a legend.


(photo from Billboard’s website)

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Purple Yellow Red and Blue


These next two weeks are going to be busy for me–with having my last week at my summer internship starting today, starting to pack for NM, and finally going back to OR.

With that being said, I’m going to be blasting all the chill music I can to bring me down and relax. One of my current fave songs is Portugal. The Man’s “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”, which has been on repeat for weeks now.


Happy Monday y’all!¬†


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One For The Road


Memorial Day weekend will be starting this Friday for me and I’m honestly just way too damn excited about it. The other half and I will be heading up to Central Oregon for an overnight trip to wind down and celebrate our anniversary. With that in mind, the weekend will be filled with hiking, brewery tours, and dinner by the Deschutes River.

One of my favorite things about the upcoming trip will have to be the drive, as we will be going through McKenzie Pass and Sisters, OR. “One For The Road” and the rest of the Arctic Monkey’s AM album will definitely be playing as we make our way.


What will be y’alls driving music for this upcoming weekend?