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Montrose Mini-Walking Guide

Montrose Neighborhood Mini-Walking Guide_ShortSweetandLovely

  1. Daniel Anguilu is a local artist who has created multiple murals all around Houston, including this one located across the street from Agora Cafe. I love the colors of it, as well as the quote that he uses: “Love is the light that sparked when only darkness existed.” Be sure to come early to get a photo of the mural without any cars in front of it. img_1125
  2. Space Montrose is by far one of my favorite small shops in the Houston area. Not only do they a great card selection, but they sell a huge variety of locally made goods, from tees to art prints and jewelry. I also love this store for finding cute and quirky gifts for people.
  3. If you are a fan of baked goods and yummy lattes, you’ll be sure to love Common Bond. Some of my personal favorites are their croissants (the pistachio and almond are especially delicious), their strawberry champagne cake, their lavender latte, and their jalapeño cornbread. They also have a lunch and dinner menu, but I have just about always gone in with a hankering for something sweet. Also, know that the best time to come is early morning ( 7:30 a.m. or so) or in between lunch and dinner time. IMG_2519
  4. Cafe Brasil is right across the street from Common Bond and is a great spot for breakfast or brunch. I always enjoy their egg white scramble and have heard good things about their avocado toast.
  5. The Emerson Rose Wall is a mural on the side of Emerson Rose Montrose, a super cute boutique. While you’re having your photo op in front of the gorgeous shade of pink that this wall provides you with, be sure to also check out the store! fullsizerender-1
  6. Right next door to Emerson Rose Montrose, is the vintage store LoFi, which has more than one mural on its exterior walls. On the side nearest to Emerson Ross, is what I call the Bob Ross Wall, as Bob Ross is largely featured.
  7. On the other side of LoFi Vintage, is their ’90’s Wall. This is by far one of my favorite murals in all of Houston, as it features just about every cartoon from the ’90’s that you can imagine. IMG_2757
  8. Probably one of the more famous walls in Houston, is the Biscuit Paint Wall. Many bloggers, such as Carrie Colbert and Jennifer Lake, feature this wall in many of their posts as it adds such a nice and colorful backdrop to pictures. Like the Daniel Anguilu wall, be sure to get here really early in order to take photos in front of it without cars being in the way.img_3583

I hope that this acts as a good guide to everyone who lives in the Houston area or will be visiting here soon. Click here if you want the prinble version of this mini-walking guide. Also, this is the first of its kind, so do please comment with any suggestions that you think could help posts like this.

Have a great day!


P.S. I’d like to give a quick shout out to Red Shoes. Red Wine. for creating my vision of a signature and logo for me.

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Agora Exteriors

DSCN0293 DSCN0295 DSCN0296

Agora, a two story Greek cafe nestled in the Montrose area off of Westheimer, is definitely a place to check out if you’re in Houston. The art on it’s exterior walls is lovely and the drinks inside are even better.

Since giving up coffee a while ago, I’ve become a fan of Chai Lattes and the ones here are some of the best. Also, for those wanting something a little harder than tea or coffee they have a selection of beer and wine as well.

Happy Friday!


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Montrose has always been a Houston neighborhood that caters to twenty-somethings and those on the artsier side. What I love most about this eclectic area is how some of it’s aspects are constantly evolving–the art, the restaurants, the shops, and all. The Biscuit Paint Wall is a prime example as it is a mural that has just appeared within the last year and its location was where another mural was previously located.

For those wanting to also explore the Montrose area, some great spots within walking distance of the mural are:
-Cafe Brasil
-Taxi Taxi

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!

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A little bit of Texas is coming soon!

As gas prices keep on rising, the price for me to travel back home to Houston gets more and more expensive. So for Spring Break instead of me flying down to Texas my momma is flying up to Oregon. My momma has already been on the internet checking out things to do in Central Oregon. Seems like the only night I have between the end of my finals next week and her arrival will be reserved for sleep to get ready.

A pretty big detail about her trip up here has to deal with where we are staying, a cute home up on a hill behind where my apartment and college are. I will definitely take some pictures of the house for y’all because from what i’ve seen on the internet it is precious (and renovated!). Also, to those who love the idea of renting a house or a condo versus staying in a hotel, check out vrbo.com (Vacation Rental By Owner). For years now my momma has been using this site and every place we have stayed at through it has been amazing.

Now, quite honestly, I am ecstatic to see my momma. Admittedly, I have been getting a little homesick throughout this term and knowing I won’t be able to go back to Texas until June kinda bums me out. It’s going to be so nice to show her my walking paths, the parks near the rivers, some restaurants I have come upon and to explore some nearby wineries with her. Yes, throughout this I will try and take as many pictures as I can with this new little Instagram iPhone App I just downloaded (if you have an iPhone, download it!)

This next week leading up to my momma’s arrival is definitely going to be a stressful one; however, it won’t be too stressful considering i’ll be following the tips listed in my previous post. Below I leave you with a little bit of Texas aka images of some of my favorite places back home.

Saltgrass Steakhouse (Wagon Boss Top Sirloin with a sweet potato, please?)

Texas State Capitol Building in Austin (where you can find a picture of my great-grandfather inside!)

The Galleria in Houston (where you go if you’re prepared to part with a-lot of your money)

Dozier’s Meat Market and Grocery in Fulshear, TX (our families have known one another for decades now)

The eclectic Montrose neighborhood in Houston (great place to find vintage and artsy pieces)

Texas Hill Country (during Spring, when the Indian Paintbrushes and Blue Bonnets bloom)

Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, TX (where I wanted to work as a little girl, thinking i’d get free ice cream)

Have a great weekend y’all!! (: 

(photos: 1-prepaidcenter.com; 2-topix.com; 3-myhellofalife.com; 4-jacktylerdines.blogspot.com; 5-texaswatchdog.org; 6-bluebell.com)