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Modest Mouse has always had a connection with Portland in their lyrical writing. This song in particular truly shows the love that the band has for the town as it follows one of the main talking points of Portland–metropolitan coyotes.

There have been many sightings (and there still are) of coyotes in the metropolitan area of Portland. Most notably is the citing of a coyote riding the light rail, which Sleater Kinney refers to in their song “Light Rail Coyote”.

As “Coyotes” is the second song to be released off their upcoming album, I’m happy to say that Modest Mouse is still remaining true to their roots–and not just those musically related.


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Lampshades On Fire

For those who are also fans of Modest Mouse, you can understand just how elated I am for the band to finally be releasing a new album for the first time in years this coming Spring.

Their first single, Lampshades On Fire, is definitely a mixture of previous work with new pop-like sounds to transcend them into a new era. All in all, I’m quite excited to see what else will be on their newest album.


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Project Pabst

IMG_0212Project Pabst Entrance


IMG_0213The Violent Femmes


IMG_0214Tears For Fears 


IMG_0221Speedy Ortiz


IMG_0223The Thermals


IMG_0226Cityscape by the river 


IMG_0231Modest Mouse 

Project Pabst this past weekend was so good!

Tears For Fears sounded as good as they did on their 80s albums. Plus, they also did a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” and Arcade Fire’s “Ready To Start”.

The second day consisted of Speedy Ortiz, The Thermals, and Modest Mouse for me. After seeing them perform, Speedy Ortiz has definitely become one of my favorite garage bands. Modest Mouse also played an amazing 16 song set, including favorites like “Dashboard” and “Float On” and “The World At Large”.

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Playlist: Oregonian Travels


This upcoming month is going to be filled with quite a few trips all over Oregon, especially from Portland to Eugene and back. I’ll be overnighting with the other half in Portland two weeks from today and then the next weekend we will be joining some mutual friends for Pabst Fest back up in the Portland area.

I’m so excited for Pabst Fest as Tears For Fears, Modest Mouse, and the Violent Femmes are headlining the event. I’ve been aching to see Modest Mouse since I was in junior high so needless to say, I’m counting down the days.


What shows are y’all itching to go to this year?



P.S. Over the next two or so weeks, I’ll definitely be updating this playlist which will more than likely end up playing on repeat in the car (of course that’s if, on that day, I have control of the music).

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The World At Large

Modest Mouse may be known more for their single “Float On”; however, my go to song of theirs has always been “The World At Large”–it was basically my mantra in high school. From the lyrics–“find another place I can stand”–to the somber mood behind the song, it’s such a great work that you can get easily drawn to.

Now that Fall is really starting to arrive here in Oregon, so has the rain. This song, along with “Lover’s Spit” by The Broken Social Scene, is by far one of the best and chill songs to have on while it’s raining outside.