May Flowers

april showers knit flowers

It’s already getting to be towards the end of May and I JUST now saw this. Mind you, it’s not along my usual route to my apartment; however,it is just like a block or two away from where I live so I did feel ridiculous with just finding it last week. I just wanted to share the picture I took because it honestly really just shows some people’s creativity. Knitting “April Showers Knit Flowers” on a chain-link fence surrounding an abandoned lot is just so unexpected but in a sort-of cute way.

Have a great day!

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May Tunes

May Tunes by Tavi Gevinson

Happy May y’all! I’m quite ecstatic that May has finally come as so many great things are in store for me this month (seeing the Dalai Lama speak, going to two concerts and Memorial Day weekend festivities just to name a few). I hope y’all have a great start to the month!

Happy May and happy Tuesday!


P.S. The creator of this playlist is none other than Tavi Gevinson and next week I’m going to spluge all that I love about her.