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What to do when… You need a ‘Pintervention’

For those of y’all who follow me on Pinterest, you know that I am slightly addicted to it. Okay, I lied. I’m not just slightly addicted to Pinterest, I am addicted to it. I love it because it’s one website where I can see images of fashion to humor to baking to inspirational quotes. There is just an immense amount of things that you can see. As we all know, people love having things right at their fingertips and Pinterest can do that. So move over Facebook, there’s a new internet addiction in town. Seriously, even as I type this I have Pinterest up in another tab on my laptop.

Like all technologies that can become addicting, it is best to take some time to step away and unplug. Also, considering that you can find so many DIY and cooking ideas, save a bunch of neat things off of Pinterest and do them. I have tried out so many different recipes due to this site and it has made me a better cook because of doing so. I’ve even done a bit of a DIY project with one of my old t-shirts. I kept on seeing pins that dealt with making old t-shirts into crop tops and stuff. So I took my old House of Blues Blues Brothers shirt and made it into a fringe tank.

The best thing about Pinterest is the bit of creativity boost and inspiration it can give you. So it’s best to take that creative mindset and channel it towards all things in your life. Truthfully, nobody really needs websites like Pinterest to be creative; however, they do nudge you in that direction so there’s no harm in them.

Just as long as you don’t put off essays that are due the next day or a work project you should be fine. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself with some sweet image overload. Also, by saying this I’m trying to make myself feel better since my paper that is due is by Friday at midnight–so I’m good, right?(;

Here’s the shirt I did, also! (: 


Sorry the post is more words than images! If you want the images then check out my actual Pinterest page. Have a great rest of the week y’all! (: (: 


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