Here Comes the Sun

“Here Comes the Sun” is by far one of my favorite songs. Most definitely is on my Top Five list, for sure. I love it and its ability to always brighten my mood like nothing else. When I listen to it I look at the world through rose colored glasses (and i’m sure most of y’all do too…I hope). What I also enjoy so much about this song in comparison to others by the Beatles is the general theme of happiness in it, as other songs recorded by them during this time had a heavier feel.

I hope listening to this song made you feel as light and as amazing as I feel now. Also, I hope that the beginning of y’alls week is going lovely (:

Oh and… Thank you, George Harrison for writing this beautiful song. ❤

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What to do Wednesdays

What to do…. When it’s ugly weather outside

Introducing: What to do…. Wednesdays

So far, I have only done some random posts that project thoughts that constantly whirr in my head. I would like to switch it up a bit by introducing a “stable” post for every Wednesday called What to do Wednesdays. 

Recently, there has been snow (more like slush) storms that have hit Oregon. This leaves for awful weather to walk twenty minutes in just so you can get to class. Also, apparently those who are prone to allergies, such as myself, end up getting sick due to such ugly weather.

In light of this, I have been thinking of things to do to preoccupy myself while avoiding the weather outside. It is never good to depress yourself even further by doing things that won’t lift your spirits, so do things that make you happy. Things that make me happy are:

  • Chowing down on Girl Scout cookies until I have had enough (Thin Mints=heaven)
  • Skyping with girlfriends whose pretty faces I haven’t seen in forever due to distance
  • Organizing my apartment (potential candidate for OCD)
  • Watching a Classic movie–anything directed by Hitchcock or anything that has Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly in it is preferred
  • Playing some happy music like Sinatra or the Beatles
  • Reading a good book
  • Making some hot Apple Cinnamon tea and muffins
  • Eating a yummy bowl of oatmeal with blueberries in it
  • Pinning so much amazing stuff that I find off the internet

The best thing to remember when the weather gets miserable, is that you don’t have to be as miserable as it. Also, bad weather always provide a good opportunity for having some “me time” 🙂