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The Evolution of Hair

From a lob to a buzz cut pixie to having my hair an array of different colors (yay for home color kits that don’t always work) to an undercut to a buzz cut to the current pixie with my semi natural hair coloring (red still likes to peek out every now and then)–my hair has been through a lot.

Recently, I’ve decided to grow out my pixie to a little bit longer length. I’m thinking something around the middle left picture or a little bit shorter. It’s not that I don’t like having a short pixie anymore, I honestly am just wondering what I now would look like with a bit longer hair as it’s been a few years now since it’s been that long.

Luckily the heat down here has been helping with the growth process so let’s hope by Fall i’ll have it at that length again!


P.S. Isn’t it funny seeing how much you’ve changed and matured (even just over a 5 year span) by looking at pictures of your past self?

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Current Hairspiration

Something unfortunate almost happened this past week. I once again thought about growing out my pixie.

It’s like a cycle. Every other year, I start to get annoyed with my hair and the lack of what I can do with it so to speak. And like usual, once this thought hits me, I remember that I am currently living in the humid Gulf Coast region of Texas and that my thick hair and humidity have never gotten along. Also, I feel if I were to abandon my pixie i’d also abandon a part of myself.

As melodramatic as that sounds (Gosh, Christen…it’s just hair!), it’s true. I’ve had a pixie for going on five years now and it’s really come to represent who I am. A little quirky and a little carefree with some class thrown in.



(All images can be found here)

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Current Hairspiration

current hairspiration_1

current hairspiration_2

current hairspiration_3

current hairspiration



Lately I’ve been loving the look of a pixie with long bangs and am definitely thinking of growing out my bangs for the colder weather that’s heading my way up here in the NW. Plus, these lovely ladies pull it off so well it’s hard to not want to try to as well!


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I’ve always been quite proud of my pixie and how I have the ability to pull off a pixie so well. However, recently I’ve been thinking of growing out my hair a little bit. Lately my hair just hasn’t been exciting me as much as it did in the past, and I would love to be able to do more stylistically with it than I’m able to now. My ideal haircut currently would be at or around my shoulders and with some texture in it, like these lovely ladies.


Dianna Agron


Carey Mulligan


Keira Knightley


Alexa Chung

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend y’all !