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Blessington Farms


I spent this past weekend pretending that Fall actually exists in my area by going out to a pumpkin patch west of Houston with one of my girlfriends, because it’s honestly a bit tough to live near the Gulf Coast and see photos of changing leaves galore all over the internet.

Amazingly enough, though, it actually didn’t start getting warm until about noon (lately it’ll be in the 80s come 9 am), so this little outing ended up being super enjoyable. Also, I picked out a real winner and have already started figuring out what I’m going to carve into her. Hint: it’s going to be a based off of a *magical* series that really impacted my childhood and teen years…and still impacts me today haha

Oh! Also, since having gone out to said pumpkin patch there has been talk of not just one but two cool fronts to come our way down here in the Houston area. Eeeek! I’m so excited for *real* fall weather to come.

Happy Fall! 



P.S. Sorry for the iPhone quality photos–I somehow forgot my Nikon at home! :O


Outfit Details: Loft Jeans, Teenplo top, Doc Marten Chelsea boots, Target Earrings, Essie Chincilly nail polish and Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

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Top 5 Fragrances for F/W

Top 5 Fragrances for F:W_2015

Maybe it’s just me, but when the seasons change not only do my clothes and makeup but my perfume as well. I’ve always thought that someone’s scent represented not only themselves but also their mood and their surroundings.

Colder weather just seems to bring out the more spicy and musky notes, while also bringing out a warmer and more sensual vibe.

I’ve always loved Lola by Marc Jacobs since it was first released when I was in high school. Lately I’ve been into Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme and Jo Malone’s latest cologne, as I’ve entered my mid twenties and am wanting a more “adult” fragrance.

What are some of your favorites? 


(From left: Poison by Dior; Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent; Mimosa & Cardamon cologne by Jo Malone; Lola by Marc Jacobs; Noir Pour Femme by Tom Ford)
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Fall To Do List

Fall to do List_2015

Yes, I do know that a good half or more of the things on my list deal with food. Growing up in the South I really recognized that food brought people together, especially during the chillier months.

Now, even though it’s not chilly yet down here in Texas, that still applies especially when nothing says “Fall is here” quite like an over abundance of anything and everything pumpkin.

What do you plan on doing during the season?