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Wednesday Want: Alice In Wonderland Book Scarf

alice in wonderland etsy book scarf

I have had an obsession with scarves for quite some time now, but I’ve had an obsession with books for an even longer period of time. Both of my obsessions combined have made book scarves one of my current things I’ve gone to covet. I mean, who wouldn’t want an Alice In Wonderland or Pride & Prejudice scarf?

Hope everyone’s week is going well! 


(Scarf: Etsy)

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Wednesday Want: Distressed Leather Bow Tote

etsy distressed leather bow tote


This tote, by Stacey Leigh, is what dreams are made of….or at least my handbag dreams. It has a bow, is of a nice leather, and is big enough to sneak in snacks into the movie theatre. Unfortunately, on her site it says that the tote is sold. So if anyone could re-direct me towards something uncannily similar I’d be forever thankful. I just hope another handbag will be able to steal my heart like this one has.


Happy Wednesday everybody!