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As a child, I watched the animated version of Beauty & the Beast countless times. So, when I heard a few years ago they were going to do a live action version of it, with Emma Watson playing Belle, I was of course quite excited .

Today, Walt Disney Studios released a teaser trailer for the movie and my first thoughts were: 1. loving the music 2. yesss creepy castle 3. Ian McKlellen says “you fool” in this? awesome 4. oh hey Belle.

Let’s just say I can’t wait for more trailers to come out for this movie and to finally see it in March of next year!


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Suede Up!

Bad pun?

I’ve always loved leather and the sense of empowerment it gives. However, lately I’ve been noticing an understated sensual and empowering quality about suede.

Suede to me just always seemed boho. Now, you can take a suede coat and wrap it up with a belt to create a sexy coat dress look or throw on a suede fringed jacket for edge.

How would you wear suede this upcoming F/W?


(all images via here)

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Style To Admire: Emma Watson

style to admire emma watson_1

style to admire emma watson_2

style to admire emma watson_3

style to admire emma watson_4

style to admire emma watson_5


For those in their twenties who are wanting to look for some style inspiration, just browse images of Emma Watson’s latest outfits. From simple patterns to color blocking to modern takes on classics like the essential white shirt and the crop top, she always looks youthful yet elegant.


Who is your current style inspiration?

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Best Dressed: 2014 Golden Globes

Emilia Clark_2014 Golden Globes


Emilia Clarke

Emma Watson_2014 Golden Globes


Emma Watson 


Michelle Dockrey_2014 Golden Globes


 Michelle Dockrey

Cate Blanchett_2014 Golden Globes


Cate Blanchett

Olivia Wilde_2014 Golden Globes


Olivia Wilde

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


Lily Rabe

Aubrey Plaza_2014 Golden Globes


Aubrey Plaza 

Tatiana Maslany_2014 Golden Globes


Tatiana Maslany

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


Amy Poehler

Lupita Nyong'o_2014 Golden Globes


Lupita Nyong’o

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Keep It Classy

To say that a-lot has been going on since I last posted a week ago would be such an understatement. However, now that all of that has come to pass and i’m getting ready for my momma’s arrival here in Oregon, I can finally relax. Oh, and have the ability to say what has been on my mind, which quite frankly has to do with one thing…. Class.

The picture above, to me, depicts what I think every time I see a guy on campus who I believe should rather be on the Jersery Shore (or somewhere like that) than here at the UO. This picture has been circulating Pinterest for a while along with some others that notably speak of class being over swag. I whole-heartedly agree that men should instead be classy than have this supposed “swag”.

For instance, the attitude that guys associate with “swag” and the clothing choices just disgust me and quite frankly, make me want to punch them in the throat. Too violent for ya? First off, put a belt on. Y’all should be mature enough to know that saggy pants are just plain unattractive and the only time someone wants to see what you have on underneath is if they’re getting in bed with you (if you’re lucky enough for that). Period. Also, why has it become so common, and in a way accepted, to openly talk about “big a** titties”? I’m sorry, but y’all are in the library where people are actually trying to study here, and also, I was not the only female nearby to here the way y’all were disgustingly talking about women (which was just plain offensive, by the way).

I grew up off of movies where men and women had class. Watch Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, and you see that Peck’s character does not write the expose-ish article on Hepburn’s character but instead gives her the pictures of her adventure with him. A big reason as to why he chose the higher route comes down to class and having it. Look at the wardrobe worn by the female actresses, designed by the magnificent Edith Head. Never do you see breasts hanging out or an extreme amount of skin showing. The times I go out with my friends, I feel like the other girls I see out wear dresses so short or so tight that it’s useless to even have something covering them up. That or you see the girl who thinks it’s okay to just wear her bra and skirt out. However, something is better than nothing, right?

“What’s sexy about saying ‘I’m here with my boobs out and a short skirt, have a look at everything I got?’ My idea of sexy is less is more.” -Emma Watson

Pretty much, I have come to think that my generation has lost touch with the concept of class. You may or may not agree with me on this, that is your choice. Of course I can blame this all on MTV and its shows like Jersey Shore and all the movies that have come out lately but i’m not going to. What it really comes down to is personal choices. The choice to watch shows like Jersey Shore. The choice to go out and represent yourself in a particular way by either having your breasts out, pants sagging or by just plain making a fool out of yourself. I could rant all I want about this but the only way it’ll change is for better choices to start being made. It’s that plain and simple. Yet, for those who are classy and seem to stay that way–thank you!

So for those out there, remember in the long run class will bring you to better places than “swag” will. Also, those with class have a-lot more respect than those without.

All in all, keep it classy y’all (: 

(All pictures from my Pinterest board: and my Instagram account)