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Home Envy: Pink Walls

Blush has officially become the new “it” neutral in my book. Not only can it be on my nails, my lips, and in my closet but also on my walls! Well not my walls per se but it could if I owned a home.

I honestly do love how it not only has become a neutral, as it compliments such a range of shades but also modernizes a room. Of course, it also makes a space feel a bit more feminine as well as airy and crisp.

So, verdict time. Yay or nay to pink walls?



(Original photos can be found on my Pinterest board here)

Home Decor, Life, Trending

Home Envy: Eclectic Spaces

home envy_eclectic spaces 4

home envy_eclectic spaces 5

home envy_eclectic spaces

home envy_eclectic spaces2

home envy_eclectic spaces3



Eclectic spaces for some reason feel cozy to me. Maybe it’s the bright and warm colors that give off the feel or the fact that it reminds me of the houses in New Mexico I’d visit when I was younger.

Find other spaces like this one on my Pinterest board!



(Original photos and sources can also be found on my Pinterest board)