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Wednesday Want: Awning Stripe Paper Beverage Caddy

awning stripe paper beverage caddy


Honestly, is this not the cutest way to carry around your drinks during the summertime?!


(Crate & Barrel)

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Quirky Little Apartment Things

I will be moving into a new apartment in a few months and I’m honestly so ecstatic about the new decorating possibilites that already am I looking for some new things. Personally, one of the best parts about being out on my own these past few years is getting stuff for my apartment. I love going to Target, Williams & Sonoma, and Crate & Barrel just to browse in their home goods and kitchen sections. Sometimes it even gets so ridiculous (in other’s minds, mind you, not mine) that I get excited looking at standing mixers. I still haven’t really found an exact “style”; however, I do know that I love quirky and bohemian pieces and comfort is always key too.

Below are some of my current favorites….

reclaimed wood chalkboard

cora potholders

chalkboard labels

booze mug

kitchen utensil rack

convertible sofa

live love pillow

(1: Urban Outfitters; 2: Anthropologie; 3: Crate and Barrel; 4: Urban Outfitters; 5: Anthropologie; 6: Urban Outfitters; 7: Anthropologie)