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My Favorite Places in Oregon to Hike

Painted Hills Unit- John Day Fossil Beds National Monument 


Smith Rock State Park, Madras, OR  


Tumalo Falls State Park , Bend, OR 


Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, OR


Spencer’s Butte, Eugene, OR


Southern Oregon Coast (Cape Blanco pictured)


If there’s one thing I truly miss about Oregon now that I’ve moved back to Texas, it’s all the hiking I used to do.

Honestly, I could easily go on a hike any day of the week where I lived in my college town of Eugene. The other great thing was that hiking spots outside of Eugene weren’t ever too far of a drive as well, all within a few hours driving distance.

Readers, I insist that y’all hike at least one of these spots if you’re ever in Oregon–please!



*Other spots I love that aren’t listed: Silver Falls State Park, Hobbit Trail (Florence, OR), Deschutes Basin, Skinner’s Butte, Yachats, etc. 

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Tumalo Falls








Tumalo Falls, located just outside of Bend in the Deschutes National Forest, was by far one of the most scenic hikes I’ve ever been on. It’s a real easy quarter mile hike up to the viewpoint and then a four mile hike further up towards Happy Valley.

We decided to hike up to the viewpoint and then to just hike along the creek as the views of the forest surrounding it were too good to stop looking at.

I’d definitely recommend this hike to anybody, even those who don’t really hike, as it was fairly easy and quite scenic. For more experienced hikers, there’s also Black Butte or Smith Rock–both also have incredible views.

Happy Friday! 


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Deschutes Brewery









One of the best things to do while in Bend is to take a tour of Deschutes Brewery. The easiest way to sign up is online and the tour is free along with four samples you get along with the tour.

The tour itself is cool as the guide not only talks about the history of the Deschutes brewing company but of beer in general. It’s also a huge plus that the brewery is located right on the Deschutes River and across from one of the main areas of Bend–the Old Mill District.


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Off to Bend!

deshcutes river 1

For the other half’s and mine anniversary we are taking a weekend trip up to Bend, OR. Gotta say, love the timing of our anniversary this year as it coincides perfectly with Memorial Day weekend.

Some of my favorite spots in and around Bend would have to be the Old Mill District, Bond Street, the Deschutes Brewery, Smith Rock, Mt. Bachelor, and the Newberry Volcano.

For those who haven’t visited Central Oregon ever before–you definitely should!


Hope y’all have a great Memorial Day weekend!