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Red Queen’s Attic Antiques


In the South, antiquing is an extremely well versed activity for many people. Some plan out their ventures days/weeks/months in advance, some go antiquing every weekend, and others, like myself, go once every blue moon.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the little treasures that can be found while browsing through an antique store. It’s just that antiquing can really be such a process, so I find if i’m in the mood for something vintage I go straight to a specialty shop instead.

Red Queen’s Attic Antiques, though, is the perfect spot for someone like me. They had rooms dedicated to separate themes of a sort, which made the store so easy to navigate.

If you’re ever able to travel to the Rosenberg area–be sure to check this place out!


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(Insta)Life Lately


Tamales from the Texas Tamale Compay during Playoffs were a must have


Shots from Red Queen’s Attic Antiques in Rosenberg, TX


When your pink donut from Shipley’s Donuts matches your nails, life is good


Found these two wonderful original vinyl releases and many others in my parent’s garage

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Let’s play catch up

So, my momma’s visit to Central Oregon was definitely an enjoyable one. I got to see so much more of the Eug that I haven’t before she came. We went to several new restaurants and shops–all of which I loved. Also, I got her to ride the local bus! 

Now I know a few posts ago I mentioned VRBO and how through its website my momma found the house we stayed at. I also talked about how I would post pictures of the house for all of y’all to see. Currently I am working on a paper for a scholarship, so it’s best to show y’all through pictures what happened during her visit than having me describe it to y’all. 

First, we went to Marie Callender’s…

Then the next day we had some good Italian at Mazzi’s, while also being entertained by the Red Hat Ladies….

Of course, we also got in some time to look at some cool antique stores…. 

And then after antique-ing, we went to the kitschy, old-fasioned drugstore near my apartment… 

Now, it wouldn’t be a trip to the West Coast without getting some fish….

Oh, and this is the house we stayed in…. (: 

So, there you have it–my momma’s trip all put down to some pictures. Of course this does not do the trip a total justice by not showing the laughter and just plain silliness. However, it definitely highlights some of my favorite parts of the trip. Now, excuse me while I drink hot cocoa out of my new Breakfast at Tiffany’s mug while working on said scholarship. Also, if you have Instagram–add me! (If you have an iPhone and don’t have Instagram, get it!) Look me up under: shortnsweetnlovely (: