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Just One Of The Guys

Jenny Lewis, front woman of Rilo Kiley, has done it again! Whether she is working solo, in collaboration with the Watson Twins, or with her band Rilo Kiley her voice just makes you want to listen with it’s soft yet distinctive notes. And you definitely want to listen to what she has to say with this song! With lyrics like “I’m not gonna break for you”, Lewis really sets the tone for “Just One Of The Guys”.

Also, who doesn’t love the cameos of Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, Kristen Stewart, and Tennessee Thomas?!

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Current Style Inspiration

alexa chung via fashioninmyeyes

sienna-miller via sar mag

carey mulligan via real beauty

anne-hathway via people

olivia wilde via glamour magazine uk

ginnifer goodwin

jean seberg via

Now that I’m back to my old self again, aka my hair is again a pixie, I’ve been browsing the interwebs on cute clothing styles to complement le hair. Seeing as how my hair cut is similar to that of Jean Seberg and Ginnifer Goodwin, I’ve really been eyeing their personal style. What I love most about Seberg is honestly her iconic striped boatneck shirts, and I also love how Goodwin pulls them off too. I will definitely be on the look out for one…. However, that doesn’t mean that not all of these lovely ladies and their style inspire me. 😉

Who are your current style inspirations?


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Girls with glasses

I’ve had eye problems since middle school now. Back then and during my first few years of high school, I wore glasses. However, I never really wore them as much as I was supposed to so I switched to contacts. Recently I’ve decided to get glasses another go and just picked them up a few hours ago. Let’s just say I am absolutely loving my new glasses!

It may sound weird to some when women refer to a particular piece of clothing or a certain accessory depicting their personality to a T. However, these glasses really do reflect me (get it? heh heh)! They’re a bit quirky, a bit book-ish and of course have a slight retro feel to them. So yeah, they are pretty damn awesome. (:

Below are some lovely ladies and their adorably framed faces. How cute are they?!

Zooey Deschanel

Sophia Loren 

Chloe Sevigny

Anne Hathaway 

Definitely should be noted that glasses aren’t just for ‘nerds’ now! Also, if you wanna take a gander at my specs just go to my Instagram account shortnsweetnlovely. I’d love to post some shots of them up here but that takes time and i’ve got two papers due next week (*cringe*).

Have a wonderful weekend y’all! (: 

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