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Adele Carpool Karoake

I won’t lie, I had yet to see any of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke skits (?) until someone posted this one a few days ago.

I have now watched all of them but this is one is still my favorite. The playful humor and banter is great but of course, it’s Adele’s voice that tops the rest of them. Of course she can sing her own songs, but even when “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls came on there was just so much energy to where you can’t stop watching. And if you’re not living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard that Nicki Minaj even gave Adele props for rapping her verse in Kanye West’s “Monster”as seen here.

Also, thoughts on who could be in Adele’s “squad”?


Societal Thoughts

Happy International Women’s Day!

I feel as though this ‘holiday’ couldn’t have come at a better time, as the debate about women’s health rights and contraception have taken over the national news circuit lately. Which, in my mind, seems ridiculous as I learned about the fight for contraception in my AP History class a few years ago. Seriously, if you are debating something that was debated about and solved a few decades ago doesn’t it seem best to not?

Also, recently there have been some extremely rude remarks made towards women that just shouldn’t happen in our modern society (Karl Lagerfeld and Rush Limbaugh anyone?).¬†As mentioned by a Hello Giggles writer, all this senseless talk and name calling really needs to stop. K? JUST STOP (…because all caps definitely means it will happen, right?). This public disrespect for women doesn’t do any good for y’all. Plus, nobody messes with my girl Adele!

Fortunately, there is one man who stands out amongst the rest. Last night Jon Stewart had the President of the Planned Parenthood Fund, Cecile Richards, on the his mock political show on Comedy Central called the Daily Show. First off, kudos to Jon Stewart for actually bringing in a woman who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the contraception debate. Second, Cecile Richards–you are amazing. Also it’s so refreshing to have someone like Jon Stewart, who I know for a fact has a large audience, to be as logical and reasonable and open-minded as he is.

Also, in respect to this day, i’d like to recognize the women’s movements that occurred in our nation for the past century or so and those occurring now all around the world. Had it not been for those we would not have a female Secretary of State, female CEOs of large corporations and female Prime Ministers/Chancellors/Presidents.

So for all that has been accomplished, not going to lie, this ‘holiday’ is still really something to celebrate even with all the senselessness that still occurs. *cue the cheesy inspirational music*

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