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IMG_0075The desserts at A Moveable Feast are killer (especially their lemon bars!)

IMG_0090Mineral sample at the Petroleum Club in downtown Houston

IMG_0112Blackberry Mojitos + Carne Asada at Guadalajara Hacienda make for a good end of the week (and lots of leftovers!!)

IMG_0094There’s nothin’ like some sunflowers for your farm table 

IMG_0096The chalk artwork at Essence House Cafe is amazing (above is their version of “Las Meninas”)

Life, Trending

Bits and Pieces of Life Lately



Decided to have my hair super short for the summer! Do I have any regrets about it? Absolutely not!



Hibiscus tree’s flowers are starting to bloom



Even being a little bit out further towards the country makes it that much more peaceful



Finally tried  A Moveable Feast in the Memorial Area



Had to get a picture of my first Whataburger since having been back in TX!