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The Evolution of Hair

From a lob to a buzz cut pixie to having my hair an array of different colors (yay for home color kits that don’t always work) to an undercut to a buzz cut to the current pixie with my semi natural hair coloring (red still likes to peek out every now and then)–my hair has been through a lot.

Recently, I’ve decided to grow out my pixie to a little bit longer length. I’m thinking something around the middle left picture or a little bit shorter. It’s not that I don’t like having a short pixie anymore, I honestly am just wondering what I now would look like with a bit longer hair as it’s been a few years now since it’s been that long.

Luckily the heat down here has been helping with the growth process so let’s hope by Fall i’ll have it at that length again!


P.S. Isn’t it funny seeing how much you’ve changed and matured (even just over a 5 year span) by looking at pictures of your past self?

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