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  1. I finally tried out Hugs & Donuts a few weeks ago (pre food sickness) and luckily came at Happy Hour, which meant buy one get one free there. I ended up getting the bacon maple donut (pictured) and the blueberry cake donut (best I’ve ever had honestly). If you’re ever in the Heights area, make sure to stop here for a sweet treat!
  2. Amidst all the construction and concrete, I was able to find a patch of Bluebonnets just down the road from where I live.
  3. I’m currently reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and am loving it! It’s about two sisters living in Nazi occupied France and their separate journeys throughout the war. Up next is The Goldfinch, a book I’ve heard so many amazing things about and the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner for Fiction.
  4. A mural (opposite the Yellow Submarine one posted here) in recognition of the Rosenberg Railroad Museum.


IG: shortsweetandloverly

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