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It’s A Fur Sure Thing

No matter what day and age it is, a fur (or faux fur) item will always be a statement piece. Whether it’s a coat, a stole, a purse, or a vest–it will garner attention as soon as you step out in it.

Fur coats always remind me of a particular photo of my dad’s mom where she wore a white Mink coat while watching Frank Sinatra perform in Las Vegas. To me, a woman wearing a fur coat always exuded sophistication and class (sans Cruella de Vil, of course…).

Lately, though, fur has reinvented itself. A blush colored fur stole is more common than not and the colors that fur is now dyed range from blues to reds to greens even.

Even with being such a fan of the classics, I love the new funky take on fur that’s been around for a while.



(Photos are not mine; All of them and their sources can be found here)

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