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Wednesday Want: UD Gwen Stefani Collection Lipstick

UD Gwen Stefani Collection Lipstick

It’s been awhile since I last wrote a Wednesday Want post, but I knew once I saw the UD Gwen Stefani Collection lipsticks I had to make a post about them.

They’re wonderfully priced below $20 at $18 which is a great price in comparison to other lipstick brands you’d find at Sephora or a department store. I also love the variety of colors, from a deep red to a more sheer nude. The sheer nude color, called Ex-Girlfriend, has to be my current favorite as I feel you can wear it for work or just out and about.

Unfortunately, Ex-Girlfiend and two other shades are out of stock at the moment but there are seven colors to choose from and those out of stock will be available again soon.



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