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What Kind of Man

Florence + The Machine’s video for their latest single, “What Kind of Man”, is immensely gritty and I love it.

While touching on dramatic topics, including that of love and the pain it can inflict, the video imagery is so impactful in combination with the refrain “What kind of man loves like this?”.

What I love most is the reality of the lyrics, such as “Sometimes you’re half in and then you’re half out” and “You could never make you mine”, and how relatable they are. The love that she describes and portrays isn’t one of fantasy that is seemingly unattainable, but it’s a type of love and relationship that many of us deal with day in and day out.

“What Kind of Man” sets a large precedent for the rest of their album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, which will be released on June 2nd, and I’m more than certain that the rest will be as thought-provokingly emotional.


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