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Wednesday Want: Keep Not Settling Mug

Keep Not Setting Mug by The Everygirl


I don’t know what it is about mugs, but every time I walk into a store like say World Market or Target, I tend to gravitate towards them. Doesn’t matter if it’s got a cool print, is Beatles-themed, or is embellished with a quote, I’ve gotta take a peek. (And then of course negotiate with myself that I don’t actually need another mug….)

The Keep Not Settling mug, though, by The Everygirl is everything that I love…about a mug. Inspirational while being simple yet classic. Who knew a mug could do so much?!

And of course if seeing this mantra every morning before you start your day doesn’t get you going than I don’t know what will!



(Mug is available online here)

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